What is CIGEO ?

What is CIGEO supposed to be ?

There’s a plan. A disasterous plan. The French nuclear waste agency Andra plans to check if it could create the final resting place for France’s highly radioactive nuke waste half a kilometre below the ground in the Champagne-Ardenne region of eastern France, near the village of Bure.

And when we speak about French nuclear waste, we speak about big numbers. France generates about three quarters of its electricity from nuclear power, and yet is has not been able to figure out a final long-term solution to the amount of nuke waste it’s producing. Plan to create CIGEO, an underground repository of an unimaginable scale and risks, is the latest attempt to find this solution. And with CIGEO we’re talking about a mere prototype: so far not a single country worldwide has an operational underground repository for such use.

Since 2006, Andra has developed experiments to prove they could pull CIGEO through technically. And ever since, these plans have faced a fair share of local and national opposition, wich we hope will soon turn even more international. Risks of the nuclear industry do not recognize national borders: and so should it be also for the struggle against this monster of a plan.

French law has its specialities concerning nuclear energy. Law requires companies to present and execute a retrievable scheme, so that for at least the first few it’s possible to remove the nuke waste: as something could always go drastically wrong or somebody could find even a more profitable ways to treat nuke waste than depleted uranium used by the arm industry.

Like anyone with a hint of common sense can expect, such a plan is still opposing its fair share of opposition in different forms: and in return, the opposition in its different forms is exposed to its unfair share of repression. This is how the system is built: but luckily we don’t have to humbly just accept it.