Medical team

Medical teams aim at giving medical auto-support to activists in different contexts: from protests to camps (as the one in Bure), from actions to events happening in individual or community daily life.

Our medical team is constituted by professional and non-professional people having taken auto-training sessions on first aid, mental wounds, risks related to drugs taking and sexuality.

We are activist people who develop community practices in order to take care by ourselves of other people in various situations as much as we can.

We particularly pay attention to the consent of the injured person and her political viewpoint. Thus, the legal risks implied by the use of official medical services (personal details form at the hospital, etc.) are taken into account in order to be avoided as much as possible.

We will be at the camp in Bure within and around an equipped tent from the 1st to the 10th of August.


Call for people to join the Street Medic Team

Currently, we are building a Street Medic Team, that is a team of people who will be on the camp in a tent dedicated to health care, and mobile in the actions, more often in pairs, to give a hand to those who may need it.

First, we need people to be there during the all camp (1st-10th august) or at least part of it (which is already cool!) : people who are already trained, who already practiced Street Medics or First Aid.

For those who would like to join us, you can contact us right now via mail, in order for us to coordinate. Otherwise you can give a hand when you reach the place. There will be a welcoming assembly at the beginning of the camp to organize the Street Medic Team.

We’re also thinking about organizing a medic training workshop during the camp for those who want to learn.

For the equipment, see the list of what we lack.

Thanks for your help and see you soon!
To contact us: sauvonslaforet [at]