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Bure a Bar: a short and subjective overview of the 16th of June

Four month after the eviction of the occupied forest Bois Lejuc (1), at the 16th of june there was a demo at Bar-le-Duc against CIGEO(2) which brought 3000 people to the streets(3).

Here is a short summarize about some happenings on this day. For sure it’s not complete and this article does not represent everyone’s opinion.

The day started with discussions, food and distros from very different protagonists in the struggle. Later in the afternoon the actual demo started.

The way how the people expressed their opposition was very diverse. People were making choregraphies, farmers came with their tractors, the clowns made some creative mess together with two gigantic owls puppet made of wood and cotton. More than a hundred people used the black bloc tactics to target companies that belong to / work for ANDRA (4), as well as a job center, and to cover the walls along the way with slogans against CIGEO, patrarchy, capitalism and so on. Of course this mixture of strategies didn’t work out without raising conflicts, as for example pacifists using physical violence to stop people from attacking companies. But there where as well moments when unmasked dancing people made a barrier between cops and black-blocks to prevent the black block to be isolated from the rest of the demo or protecting injured people from getting arrested.

The demo ended in front of the prefecture (local government), later in the evening cops arrested several people around and at the place, controlling cars and people at the country-roads between Bar-le-Duc and Bure. As well a concert which was planned on the same evening was forbidden. The cops threatened they would raid the place if it would take place.

While the official medias reported 1 lightly injured person and 6 injured cops, the street medics dealed with over 30 injuries due to tonfa hits from which caused multiple heavy injures including mild concussion, several rubberbullet hits and people badly effected by face to face pepperspray. Several injured people had to go to hospital.

In total, around 15 people had been taken under arrest; one on the way to the demo, 4 during clashes inside the demo, and the rest during the evening until the middle of the night. Three people were convoked for immediate trial on Monday at the TGI of Bar-le-Duc, the others had been released without charges or with future convocation to court.

From our point of view, knowing the quite specific circumstances of this demonstration taking place in a small country side city, and putting together ecologists, legalists as well as anti-capitalist anarchists, with their respective ways of action, we think it was a quite interesting and unexpected demo.

After knowing Bar-le-Duc mainly from going to trials, it was the first time we take its streets and express our rage about all the evictions and repression of the last months.

We hope to be able to see our arrested comrades soon on free foot.

Written by some nestless ravens of Bure

(1) http://en.vmc.camp/page/6/

(2) centre industriel de stockage géologique

(3) https://www.estrepublicain.fr/actualite/2018/06/16/bar-le-duc-plus-de-3000-personnes-contre-le-projet-cigeo

(4) Agence National de gestion des Dechets Radioactifs = National company who is responsible for managing