Places we are living in

A quick presentation of the places we are living in 🙂

House of Resistance (“The House” or “La Maison”)

The House of Resistance is situated in Bure, a small village 2 km away from ANDRA´s laboratory. The old farmhouse was bought in 2005 by the anti-nuclear association BZL (Bure Zone Libre/The Bure Free Zone) and has been a place for living and struggle ever since. There is always someone to welcome people interested in joining the fight against the nuclear dump.

The “Maison” can accommodate ~20 persons in warm rooms + a dormitory and up to 30 people in a sleeping place more suitable for warmer weather, depending on the sleeping bag! In the house there is a kitchen, meeting room, a wood workshop, an office, garden, dry and water toilets, shower etc. The house is the place where many bigger and smaller meetings and other events take place.

If and when you come, it is cool to bring your own sleeping bag, although in the house there are some spare blankets, pillows, sheets etc. Nobody gets paid for keeping the house going and people fed, so everything should be self-organized from cooking to cleaning, and all the other activities. The same goes for other spaces, in which people should be even more self-sufficient when it comes to materials for example.

The Old Station (The Station” or La Gare”)

The Old Station consists of a train station + its surrounding fields and has been used since the mid-2000s by opponents to the nuclear waste dump. The station has been used less frequently for the last 5 years, but since the anti-authoritarian and anti-capitalist camp organized in August 2015 some people stayed to live on the grounds that cover about 5 hectares.

It is a great place for accommodating big meetings and camps, People can bring a tent, a van or a caravan. The Station is located between the villages Mandres-en-Barrois and Luméville, approx. 6 km from the House of Resistance and Lejuc forest. The Station area will be a crucial point of struggle if ANDRA starts to build a railway to bring nuclear waste to the area.

The Forest (”Bois Lejuc” or ”La Forêt”)

For generations, Lejuc forest (2 km from Bure) has been the communal woods belonging to Mandres-en-Barrois, one of Bure´s neighboring villages.

When ANDRA started to cut-down trees in the forest in May 2016, ANDRA´s vehicles were pushed out of the forest, but damage had been already done: many trees had been cut to clear way for roads and a platform.

In June 19th the forest was occupied by anti-nuclear activists, people from local villages and folks from further away. ANDRA´s fence made of barbed wire and wood was cut down and used for barricades and fire wood. The forest occupation was evicted in early July, and again ANDRA tried to build a wall, this time made of concrete. However the wall was taken down in August by hundreds of opponents to the nuclear dump project.

After a small rest the forest is again occupied, several tree houses and platforms have been built, a small communal house is in the making and people are planning to live in the forest through the winter. But there is definitely space in the forest and by the bonfire! It is useful to bring a good sleeping bag, warm clothes, water-resistant shoes, head lamp, tools etc.

Other places

The House of Resistance, the Station and the Forest are only the visible places for people settling down in the area for many years. Generations of temporary inhabitants of the House of Resistance, among others, came from nearby places or from very far away and ended up settling here to grow vegetables, write and play theatre, music, build and in a word keep living on this land that they first discovered through the struggle against the dump.

In addition to people living in these locations, there are occupied fields, people renting and buying houses in the area, some travelling back and forth…. You might be one of them!