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In Bure, for the 3-4th of March, after the exceptional decrees: what “lawless” do we want?

This text is a direct reaction of some people and does not pretend to represent the diversity of the point of view and stances towards the new prefectoral decrees.

Last evening, thursday 1st of March at 11pm the Prefecture of Meuse has drawn the big guns with several prefectoral decrees forbidding the protests, the parking and the circulation in Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois, and the flight over this area. Only the pedestrian and the inhabitants are allowed. Such a nice administrative decision that reminded us the first ages of counter insurrection in the colonies and to the most aggressive military zoning.
Probably the directions from the Ministry of Interior, and maybe in higher place, are clear: “Muriel (note: the praefector name), don’t hesitate, firmness and dialogue, firmness and dialogue.” Any protest will be forbidden this weekend but “the door” of the prefect is still open to the “dialogue with legal opposant”. The little music of the dissociation is still played but no one is fooled, and more than never. It is like a prisonner who could negotiate with his/her prison guard the jaling condition! In Bure, there won’t be a Stockholm syndrom.
For many years, the evolution of the security context in France, and elswhere, makes the notion of legality or illegality irrelevant. In Meuse, step by step and for many months, everyone knew that State arbitrariness but this weekend, a new level in the exception has been reached.
The State is pretending to struggle against an “lawless area” by creating a bigger one thanks to its legal mafia in Jeep, riot cops in their trucks… All the appearances of the “considering that” and “considering that” (note: legal mentions in decrees), all this administrative novlanguage is aiming to hide that it is obvious to everyone that these decision are no more legitimate or legal. These prefectoral decrees, that belong to a State of Exception, are revealing what the State fondamentaly is: the military control of the territory and its inhabitants by powerful armed forces.
So, this weekend we are a large number who planned to meet, discuss, get warmth, vibrate together after the tough ordeal of the eviction of 22th of February. We planned to build a struggle that transcends the frontiers of Meuse and France, precisely to defeat all this suffocation.
We planned to march to the forest to show that it is still in us by many ways. We have planned to keep building, onsite, some welcoming and anchoring places to root the struggle on the long term, despite the loss of this beautiful forest. If it is subject to an interdiction, to be considered like a crime, to be categorized in the law suits as “crime associations”, so be it. The question that is addressed is clearer than ever: what “lawless zone” we want to inhabit and create? What stances we want to adopt, massively, against the State of ,exception? This morning, the icing rain has decided to make the road hardly negociable for the military…
We launch a call to come, more than ever, for this weekend. We are putting everything in line to answer at the best level to the repression of these decrees. There is onsite things to welcome you, to eat, to sleep, to meet. We will found together solutions and we won’t let us divide, get afraid or dimnished our joy of living by these prefecture manoeuvres.


See you this weekend.


Some owls from Bure and the surroundings.


The Dijon-Bure cabin was taken during the eviction

With regrets, we announce you that a large part of the Dijon-Bure cabin was in the Lejuc wood when the riot cops evicted it Thursday 22nd of February. Planks, structure, cladding, rooftop sheet metal… Everything was stolen, destroyed by ANDRA’s bulldozers in the same time they were methodically razing the other cabins at Barricade Nord, Vigie Sud et Vigie Sud-Est.
More than the days devoted to construction, this is ours lives, ours energies and our struggle overall that the nuclear State wanted to break in this destructive operation.
Don’t be shy, the hit was hard. Seeing this cabin being razed, the owls loosing the places they’ve built and inhabited for one year and a half and knowing that 2 friends are in jail now hurt us and let us marked.
But there is a thing that the State has not broken. In the forest or in the construction sites, by the meetings, the joy and the shared reality, the links, the techniques and the thoughts have been anchored, have been refined. And since then, the struggle can get an even madder turn.
We launch a call to all the antinuclear and to the committees to organize for reinforcing the struggle against CIGEO and the ANDRA by tangible initiatives on the territories of Bure and everywhere else. We got the plans and the picture of this cabin in our memory, we still have 2000€ of donations that we received for the construction (total 3500€). This story is not over!
See you soon!
The Dijon-Bure Committee

New decrees affecting circulation in Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois

* update Saturday 3rd: police controls in Ribeaucourt, Bure, Mandres, Bonnet and Thonnance-les-Joinvilles. They search the vehicles and control the ID of all passengers but let them go afterwards. The appeal against the decrees was rejected by the court, so they are still valid.

The Meuse prefecture is trying to obstruct the convergence towards Bure since the eviction of the forest and especially for the mob weekend starting on Friday 2nd. Four new decrees has been declared. They are active from March 2 (today) to March 5 :

  • A decree to ban demonstrations on the territory of Bure, Mandres-en-Barrois and adjacent villages.
  • A decree to ban parking and circulation of vehicles in the area of Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois, together with the ban of pedestrians and vehicles on the road from Bonnet to the Lejuc wood.
  • Two decrees to ban flying in the area.

However, everything is going well!

The circulation of pedestrians is still legal in the village of Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois (except around the forest, see previous decrees – French only).

From now on, absolutely no police control happened in the name of these decrees. We should be careful though (also considering the decree against the transport of material – French only).


If you get controlled on the way here, call the House of Resistance at 09 54 10 57 11, so we can update this article. For sure, don’t pay the fines. Our lawyers contested these decrees in court already, we should get the result Saturday before noon.

Friday 2nd : a police control happens in Thonance-les-Joinville (outside of the zone affected by the decrees). The cops also made a salivary test against drugs.

In any case, we invite you all to join us! The preparations for this weekend are going well. We won’t let them stop us!

The complete text of the decrees can be read here, in French only.


Tuesday Februray 22, at 6:15 am, 15 gendarmes’ vans have entered the Bois Lejuc, near to Bure, and proceeded to its eviction. In total, 500 cops were mobilized. Later that day, riot cops also raided the House of Resistance in the village of Bure, to arrest all its occupants.

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Call to join the Intercommittees Weekend

Mob weekend March 3-4 + New decrees affecting circulation in Bure and Mandres-en-Barrois


N° legal team to alert in case of police brutality or arrest : 07 58 79 90 78

Press contact :


Mob weekend March 3-4: updates and first elements of the program!

Here is a first text to inform a maximum of people about the situation in Bure, the weekend of March 3-4, its program and some logistic infos.

Update about the situation on 27/02

Since February 22, after the spectacular eviction of the Lejuc wood, many people continued to occupy the trees, to walk in the forest in order to observe the police, to see if the works are starting and to bring first necessities to the remaining treehouses. Others focused on the legal support for everyone who went to the police station for ID check, custody and for the two friends in preventive detention. Many are busy with welcoming the people freshly arrived to the House of Resistance or in other different locations where we live. And with all this we take care of each others in such hard times.

Meanwhile, the prefecture continues its militarization of the zone and brings new hallucinating decrees to forbid the circulation around the Lejuc wood… On Monday February 26, trucks and diggers has been seen working inside the forest. It will most probably continue during the week. We try to keep you posted via the The situation is extremely unpredictable, so come back often for updates!

The Intercommittees Weekend will happen

In the middle of the storm, the mob weekend of March 3-4 will help us to move forward. Every day we continue to prepare to host the hundreds of people who plan to come. The sleeping logistic is on the way, same with the collective canteens. In the actual context, many things remain unforeseeable and we have to improve quite a lot. All the self-organizing energies will be welcome for this weekend, for the afterward and to face the state violence following the eviction and the permanent harassment from the police.

The 22th of February was not only an eviction: it was also an unbelievable solidarity wave of 70 gatherings in France and in Europe; 300 people gathered in Paris, 200 did an illegal demonstration in Nantes or Rennes, 20 did a tram blockade in Strasbourg, windows of EDF were stoned in Toulouse, flyers were distributed on public spaces in Lons-le-Saunier, solidarity pictures came from Gorleben and Leipzig in Germany and Skouries in Greece… New support committees are getting created in Vienna, in the Finistère and Metz (France). The government talks about the eviction of some fifteen people in the Lejuc wood but it is hundreds of folks who took the streets everywhere. And that is something they will never be able to evict.

The weekend of March 3-4, we wish that all the existing or future committees, as well as everyone who wants to join the struggle in Bure, will be able to make themselves visible. We propose some ideas to be only taken as proposals: for example, to prepare creative banners or bring the ones that were used in solidarity actions after the eviction. Or to bring white clothes, paint and customized owl masks. We also ask if people coming could bring tents, warm clothes, boots, headlights, food, etc., to be as autonomous as possible. We try to prepare sleeping places for all, but it’s safer if everyone makes their own plans in case we are too many.

There is also an emergency list of equipment needed  here: French)

Note on pictures, images and sound recording

Coming here, everyone must take into account that we are going through a very hard repression period. Police forces try all they can to identify us and press charges. Please do not take images norsound. If you want to record some material for the struggle, please contact the automedia team. We won’t tolerate, by necessity, any images and sounds taken outside of the automedia team. If you have good cameras and want to help out, we might be interested!

Program of the weekend

The program is not totally set and we are still discussing it. We said before the eviction that we really wanted to take the time to discuss in large numbers about how we could reinforce the struggle in France and Europe, and we still want this to happen (amongst other stuff). It is also possible to propose all kind of workshops for the whole weekend!

For now, the first elements of the program are:

Friday 2nd, evening

Welcoming teams at the House of Resistance of Bure (BZL) to help to dispatch the sleeping places, the chores, etc. At 6:30 pm, a main information point will take place before dinner in BZL.

Saturday 3rd
  • Ine the morning (In Mandres-en-Barrois) :
    • 8:30 am : breafast
    • 9:30 am – 12:30 pm: discussions and workshops between the different support committees and the people who want to join the struggle in Bure.
    • 12:30 pm : LUNCH
  • Afternoon, from 2 pm : From Mandres, collective departure for a walk towards the forest and the construction of a look-out post (Vigie) on the edge of the forest…
  • Party !
Sunday 4th:

Follow-up on Saturday’s activities!

  • From 10 am : lets meet up in Mandres-en-Barrois to continue the discussions and workshops, depending on the wishes. Workshop proposals:
    • Preparation of a theater play about Bure!
    • Discussion about the organizing of an event in the Center of France for Tchernobyl anniversary end of April beginning of May!
    • Lots of other stuff to propose and imagine!

Alongside this program, many other things will probably happen : some festive chaos, lot of improvisation. We will make sure that everyone can find their place and feel good.

We hope you will come in great number to this weekend (and before, and after)!

Some owls from Bure.