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NEWS of the 6th of March

On the repression side:

A day spent in Bar Le duc (under the occupation of the riot cops). The cake slicer trial at 10.30am. The general attorney asked for 2 months in parole (and the giveback of the cake slicer), rendering the 24th of April. This afternoon, immediate audition of a friend arrested the last sunday. About 40 people has come to support him. He refused to get an immediate trial, the general attorney asked for his preventive imprisonment, the judge has place him under judicial control with an interdiction of the territory of Meuse till his tiral the 4th of April.

The 6 last persons in custody has been released after 48 hours with summons for the 23rd of May at 2pm in Bar-le-Duc.

Translation: On the right, the prefect of Meuse in combat mode, this weekend. The left sign says: Your sight is full of the love of militarization. Dialogue by forbidding the protests, using truncheons and grenades.


On the ANDRA side:

Trucks are still coming in and out the forest, occupied by the police forces, to carry out wall parts and wood.

NEWS: Monday 5th of March

Repression side

A run all day long (hundreds of kilometers through the Meuse) to finally learn at 12.30pm that an immediate trial would be held at 3pm in Bar-Le-Duc. The other custodies (7) have been extended for another 24h. 7 persons will stay for a second night in 5 police stations across the Meuse.

The immediate trial being accepted, the general attorney required 6 months of imprisonment with 3 months of parole, without preventive imprisonment. The verdict: the friend has been condemned to 3 months of parole with 1 year probation, a 1-year interdiction of the territory of Meuse, and no record in its personal judicial record.


Daily life side

Some cleaning and rest in perspective. Lots of discussion, a rap workshop, many songs in perspective. Hommous party.

What the cops never show – Protest of the 3rd of March

Since the eviction, new cops with the “Communication” label are filming the police interventions. After the montage, the movies are uploaded on their Youtube channel “L’essor de la Gendarmerie” (possible translation “Rise of the Gendarmerie”, no joke here) and are massively relayed in mainstream media.

These pictures are taken in the heart of the action and these latters are cautiously selected. Luckily, no violence from the cops are shown but it is obvious that there would have been some compromising ones, as this movie can prove it. This new communication service of the cops is a tool for their propaganda and to manipulate the facts. Worse than the mainstream media images, the cops images relayed by them!

Against the prison: lets meet the 15th and 16th of March in Bure and the 17th in Nancy!

Because this system relies on dominations and allows to preserve it: racism, agism, sexism, classism, …
Because this system is full of judicial and punitive institutions: court, police station, prisons, establishments for minors, psychiatric structures, armies… And because in parallel the role of social control and punishment are given to more and more so-called “social structures”: job centers, schools, retirement houses…

Because this system is full of history of the capitalist and imperialist development of our societies. Because the nuclear would not have been developed only through these institutions of repressions.

Because these structures are used to repress our struggles and our lives. Moreover, they are the everyday life of those with not the “good” face, the “good” accent, the “good” age or the “good” place where they were born.

Because the justice is not only institutions, but it can be expressed in our way of being and of organizing (by the punishment system for example).

Because every form of imprisonment is unbearable (for humans and non-humans – down with cages, leashes and other zoos).

Because the repression should not be our everyday life (in prison, in the neighbourhoods or other places looking for their independance against the State).

In this time when more and more people struggling against the nuclear power (and not only that) in Bure are being sent to jail, butchered, deprived of their freedom of movement. Because we want to get a bigger picture and analysis on this system of control, we invite you to 3 days of discussions on these questions.



*Thursday 15th and Friday 16th, at the Maison de Résistance, Bure: pacing (form of collective reading of a text) of Milot the Incorrigible with members of the collective that wrote it, workshop on writing letters to people in jail, cartography, movies, infokiosque …
If you want to propose a workshop, a discussion … feel free to do it! Send a mail to aburecross(at)

*Saturday 17th, in CCAN, Nancy: Carsharings from Bure, Movie “Death must be earned” at 3pm, cocktails

*and to prolong the weekend, Monday the 26th of March, 7pm, in CCAN: Documentary “Blue is in the air”, a testimony of the present situation facing the police, specially since the decrees of the state of emergency. In presence of 2 persons from the Activideo collective.

And the 28th of March, in Nancy at the bookstore Quartier Libre: Movie “the 317”, a documentary of a collective that gathered the testimonies of the 317 persons put in custody during the COP21 in November 2015), in presence of one person of this collective.

NEWS from the second intercommittees weekend

Follow in live the run of the 4th of March, second day of the Intercommittees.


Record of the day.
All day long discussions have been held on various topicsm from how we organize together with the committees, what form the struggle should take, or about concrete organisations of antinuclear camps.
In parallel, a walk in direction of the wood Lejuc has been held with a hundred persons. There was no problem during the trip despite the heavy police presence, 2 helicopter, the ANDRA airplane (the decrees forbidding the flights over the area didn’t apply for everyone), 2 motorbikes. This heavy presence has maintained the walk far away from the Lejuc wood. At the end, the heated riot cops has decided to charge, 9 custodies followed. One of the persons has been released after half an hour.  They keep maintaining the pressure to Mandres, still shooting tear gas grenades in the village and private gardens.
8 persons are still in custody and will spend the night at police stations. There is a will from the repressive forces to make difficult and hard the possibility to defend them because they have been put in 6 different police stations in the Meuse, with hundreds of kilometers: Saint Mihiel, Revigny, Sivry sur Meuse, Verdun, Etain, Vigneulles. It makes complicated the access to the lawyers and to do support gatherings.
The meals have gone well in Mandres, a party will be held tonight. The repressive presence didn’t prevent the 37 committees or future committees of leaving with lot of desires and projects of struggle!

5.35pm: Eight custodies have been confirmed by the Bar-Le-Duc court.
3.45pm: The protest have come back. No heavily wounded people but many arrests.
2.35pm: Tear gas grenades have been shot by the riot cops in Mandres and private gardens.
2.25pm: The persons in risk of a kettle by the cops have felt back to Mandres, where they have been joined by people from another group. The riot cops are shooting tear gas grenades to try to disperse the mob.

The riot cops in Mandre the Sunday 4th of March

The riot cops in Mandre the Sunday 4th of March

1.50pm: a hundred persons may be kettled on the road between Bonnet and Mandres. Call to support! (Edit: there was no kettle, just a try from the cops to surround the protest)
1.10pm: persons in the field near La Caisse wood (a wood close and north to Bois Lejuc) are being pushed back by the riot cops. Some tear gas grenades have been shot.
End of the morning: some persons decided to leave for a action.
10am: gathering in Mandres to discuss about the day.
9.30am: leaving in large group Bure to rally Mandres-en-Barrois.


The Legal Team is informing us there were arrests today the 4th of March. More informations to come.