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Info Thread February 2017

This article was published on on the 14th february. All calls, quotes and support messages were originally received in french, we apologize if we fail to perfectly convey the original messages of the authors.

February 16th, a nod to Hambach and a little party at the lab!

  • Tonight nifty Bure owls have struck again: fences protecting the “ecotheque”, a lab building, have fallen, windows have exploded, and we got short account of that crazy nocturnal expedition:

On the third day of our action week against CIGEO and to protect the Lejuc forest, after our Valentine torches march, we decided to pay a visit to the beloved ANDRA ecomuseum, just next to the lab. We had quite unfairly neglected this charming concrete building for a couple days. We wanted to pay a very personal homage to that monument to ecotechnocracy and its “mission to raise awareness” about local biodiversity. Armed with the best of intents, we arrived with one very simple question: is it by any chance for survivors of the centuries to come that you exhibit the vitrified reminder of what you intend to destroy?.

Unfortunately at a late hour, we found the door closed. Since nobody was answering the intercom, we hammered our discontent a few times. Because politely asking apparently wasn’t sufficient, we eventually bent the fences under the weight of our questions. Led by sheer curiosity, we decided to explore the museum’s temporary collections, and, in an impetus of momentary enthusiasm, resolved to add to it a few samples of local geological heritage.

Sympathizing greatly with the windows families, the police rushed to their rescue. After protecting our withdrawal with a fired up barricade, we progressively turned our backs on the amplifying fog. ANDRA, your deceits won’t smoke us out!

The nifty Bure owls.

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  • Another busy day: all with welcoming new comers, organizing the logistics for the rest of the week, continuing the constructions and starting to set up the camp on the concert site, it was with tired bodies but minds always as determined that we too made the forest echo with solidarity with the Hambach struggle!

  •  It’s moving elsewhere in the East: not only in Bure do people build tree houses; around Strasboug, occupation tree houses are being built on the perimeter of the GCO to be (Grand Contournement Ouest: Massive Western Bypassing, a highway around the city) by the new collective ZADGCO. We support our Alsacian friends from Bure! (@HamsterGrand on twitter)

February 5th, new actions to support Bure from afar!

While in Bure we’re still welcoming newcomers and preparing for the week end, in many other places actions are launched to support us!

In response to our call for support, new actions away from Bure:

  • On February 18th Sortir du Nucléaire Trégor ngo organized an action at 11am in Lannion

  • In Valence they organized an action against EDF (French Electricity companity) and sent us this email:

In Valence just like in Bure, the nuclear power isn’t feeling at ease…
The dirty used oil met the dirty hands of EDF
A few preparation discussions, some determined day dreaming…and here is to a new attack point on the map!

On the EDF downtown store, entre la nouvelle peinture écologique de vidange (je ne comprends pas la phrae en français..) everyone can now read:

We attack EDF

Because they are one of the key actors of nuclear industry

Because they actively support the nuclear waste disposal project in Bure, Meuse.

Because this project is an environmental disaster, and that it is developed by public and private mafias and a completely anti-democratic way.
Becaude EDF nucleocrates are part of these tie-wearing con artists
Because we support active and legitimate resistance against this project in Bure, which is undergoing various forms of repressions.

Because to be political and act against such lethal prospects, is simply to exist in this society.

Because at this very moment thousands are assembling in Bure to protest.

Because the anti industrial struggle has always existed in the streets just like in books.

Because on a daily basis the race for progress devastates the depth of our lives while cocooning us in comfort.

Energy is our future (*EDF motto)? You bet!

Energy is their future, lets disobey!

Let it be said:

Here just like in Bure

Walls can be washed, not hands.

  • On February 15th in Montpellier and Valence the DREAL (Direction Regionale de l’Environnement, de l’Aménagement et du Logement: regional direction for environment, layout and housing) was occupied


    • On February 13th friends organized a burial action in downtown Grenoble as a response to our call for action

    • On February 12th support Bure meeting in  Neuvy-Bouin with a reminder about the nuclear waste struggle in the 90s in the Deux Sevres region, where a similar lab project was canceled thanks to massive mobilization that suceeded in beating ANDRA off.

  • Also a call for action against uranium transportation meeting in Treves on February 18th and 19th:

Franco-German « train » action against nuclear trains on February 18th and 19th 2017

In solidarity with the struggle against nuclear waste disposal in Bure, Lorraine.

By our action, we want to protest and inform people about the many Yellow Cake (uranium) transports between Germany and France. Regularly, boats from Russia and Namibia stop in Hambourg Harbor and deliver Yellow Cake. It is the necessary raw material to create fuel for nuclear plants or atomic bombs everywhere on Earth. It is brought by train from Hambourg to the AREVA factory in Narbonne Malvési, south of France, going through Koln, Treves, Woippy and Montpellier.

Activists will leave on February 18th from Kiel (where the nuclear boats go through) and Hambourg to go to Treves, bringing with them a symbol representing Yellow Cake. They will follow the same path as the regular nuclear trains. In Treves, they will get objects from France as a symbol of uranium hexafluoride as well as pieces of the wall that fell in the Lejuc forest as a symbol of resistance against this insane and dangerous project. The trip will end on February 19th in Gronay where can be found the German uranium enrichment factory. The uranium hexafluoride transformed there often comes from Pierrelatte, France.

Anti nuclear activists, with this action, are trying to inform travelers as well as train companies staff about the many nuclear transports and the risks attached to them; they are indeed little known to the public, as authorities don’t inform people on that subject. In cas of accident, nobody is trained to react. Nuclear transports are supposed to continue indefinitely in Germany since the structures and transports enabling the nuclear industry to function are not part of the German law on exiting nuclear power.

The action is moreover supporting the struggle against nuclear waste disposal in Bure. A massive protest will take place in Bure on the same day. The construction work for the nuclear waste disposal site started last summer. Thanks to a determined resistance they could be stopped in August 2016. The wall erected by ANDRA (Agence nationale de gestion des déchets nucléaires, the agency in charge of the project) to protect its work has fallen mid-august under the determined pounding of protesters.

«To stop producing and above all not to bury», is a well knowndemand when it comes to nuclear waste.

And that is precisely what unites the train action activists and those in Bure this week end: to stop the production of waste at it source. In order to do that, we have to stop the nuclear transports that enable this dangerous industry to function.


For more on the subject

Web page of the German struggle against uranium transportation

Call for the “train” action in German

Call for the “train” action in French

February 14th, we declared our flaming feelings to ANDRA !

8:30pm : 80 nifty owls leave the House of Resistance towards the evil eye of Saudron (where Andra’s lab is located).

As we went, passing lands supposed to host the electrical transformer that ANDRA wishes to install to power CIGEO, we lit on our wonderful torches. In the night they were competing with the lab’s atrocious lights in the distance. After 40mn of musical walking, we reached the lab and noticed without great surprise that it was heavily guarded by the police.

« On est plus chauds que CIGÉO ! » « ANDRA dégage, résistance et sabotage ! » (“We are hotter than CIGEO!” “ANDRA fuck off, resistance and sabotage!”)

After a little danse around an improvised brazier, the bush on the round about in front of the lab somehow caught fire. On our way back, the windows of a surveillance cabin burst, some paint flew around and flames licked the intercom on the entrance fences.

A sweet night where even the red moon declared flaming feelings for ANDRA, and that is but a beginning…

Marche aux flambeaux vers l’ANDRA ! from vmc on Vimeo.

February 13th, a busy crowded week ahead

The logistics for February 18th is being set up! Every corner of the House of Resistance is being cleaned, a couple dozen people have already joined us and are busy on several fronts (cooking team for the week, sleeping rooms being set up everywhere, setting up the infokiosk and welcoming point, automedia and legal team office and medic truck organizing).

February 10th, popular reaction against police brutality

In Bure, in cities, in forests, in solidarity with Theo, the Lejuc forest stands against the inhumanity of racist, homophobic actions committed by the police

February 3rd, a wink from friends in Hambach

Another busy week end ahead but starting peacefully at the House in Bure. The sky was still hesitating as to whether or not to remaining gray for the day when we received in the morning support from friends in Hambach!

While walking in Hambach forest, with barricades and trenches built after the intrusion of RWE security guards and police, the news reached us that the same repression led by the greediness of insane ground diggers had fallen onto our Bure comrades, who are resisting the destruction of a forest supposed to enable even more extractionist madness under the shape, there, of a nuclear waste disposal site. Destroyed barricades, private security guards, police roadblocks, so many things that resonate so familiarly in our ears, as familiarly as the global destruction of habitats so as to extract all but the last drop of poison, killing ecosystems, communities, peoples and climate to fill the pockets of a few mafiosi barons.

Thus, to the companieros of Bure and all those resisting such assaults, up on barricades, up on tree houses, or in trailers, fighting that extractionist, capitalist monster, a loud solidarity cry resonates from the Hambach forest towards you

Morning intervention against the fields barricades

Here is the translation of an article published on on the 8th February.

For several weeks now, Andra has been putting more and more pressure on the nuclear waste disposal opponents. Two weeks ago on January 23rd an opponent was hit in the face by a private security guard during their first attempt to re-enter the forest. A lawsuit was filed for the injuries. Last week on Monday January 31st, Emmanuel Hance, Andra’s PR person, threw gasoline on a barricade onto which opponents had attached themselves.

While Andra is boasting of its respect for legal procedures, it attempted yet another demonstration of strength on February 8th in the morning, while Sven’s eviction trial was taking place in Bar le Duc. Andra and the prefecture has chosen this time a diversion tactic: cop cars were sent to the forest’s entrances to take out tires blocking the south entrance. This enabled them to attract attention to the forest, while operating on their real target, which was actually the fields barricades near the Station protecting the squatted, planted wheat field there. Thanks to the diversion, they were able to destroy the barricades without attracting too much support.

Testimony from 2 people who tried to block the machines

– It was 9.25am, we heard some noise, we thought they were friends then we heard metal noises, and saw the digger grabbing tires so we started running and calling people for help. We got close to the tires and noticed there were two cops inside the Station so we went to them and walked them out of the property and they didn’t argue cause they knew they had no right to be there! There were two workers with a wagon and four cop cars at the beginning.
– That I really liked, telling them to “fuck off” and watching them obey.
– We said “fuck off” and they turned around and left… Then we went back to the barricade and held onto the tires. They continued working next to us, like 5cm away from us, the pliers from the digger was brushing us when it took tires and bits of wall. It went above our heads holding bits of wall.
– At some point when the pliers went up I grabbed one of its teeth but the worker didn’t care a bit, didn’t even slow down, it took me up in the air 1.5 – 2 meters high in the air and he kept destroying the barricade then I feel next to the tires in the field. There the cops tried to get me but I held onto the remnants of the barricade.
– We got inside the tire and they were almost on top of us dragging us, trying to get us off the barricade but it wasn’t really working…
– One of the cops said several times “oh I know them, they’re gonna have a sit-in!” in a really spiteful way.

– We weren’t moving from the tires so they moved the truck to get tires a little bit further, so we ran from our tires to were they were working. That’s when they jumped on us and assaulted us. I don’t even know what happened, I was curled in a ball with my hood on and I was all compressed, I couldn’t breathe anymore, I didn’t know what was going on, I screamed “stop it, stop it” but it was hard to even talk. It last at least 10 whole seconds, then at some point they let go of us and the workers went on grabbing tires, bits of walls, shrubs and even the scareAndras (scarecrows to scare Andra*) that we had planted…
– It’s nuts, we’re fucking farmers and they come to assault us with tear gases! They said “it’s only tires!”, we answered “no, it’s a ton of people who came with their kids in November, hundreds of them, to plant trees, to sow the land, to build barricades and resist this shit world!”. At some point a cop asked us “what have you planted here?” and we answered “get off your uniform if you really want an answer!”.
– They told us “this is a private land, get the fuck away from here, the owner asked us to do this!”. The owner, it’s the Lorraine SAFER (Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural: organization for the real estate layout and rural establishment, in charge of dispatching land to farmers in the name of the government), who is keeping the land for Andra’s future projects. But we don’t even know if the SAFER really filed a lawsuit about this [while somebody has already been summoned to court, as a suspect in the occupation of the land and barricades installment].
– They finished around 10.20am and left after a dozen more cops came to reinforce the troupes.
– We decided to rebuild the barricades and banners. We’re not giving up in the slightest!

What to make of all this?

It is obvious that Andra is trying to put some psychological pressure on us. They know that our attention is mainly focused on the forest and that the legal barricades are still holding there. So it attacks the Station and the squatted fields, where the future railway ought to be (construction supposed to start in 2019). What they don’t realize is that they are only making the rage stronger for all those who live and fight in Bure as well as nearby locals, who are growing tired of police omnipresence. Andra hopes to cut our roots, but they only strengthen our determination.

Will the SAFER and ANDRA decide to completely destroy the 2 hectares of occupied wheat fields? Will the threats get closer once more to the forest?
What is certain is that starting on February 14th we need as many people as possible for our action week, for the massive demo on the 18th, and in the following months to live and fight the nuclear waste disposal project.

The barricade may have fallen, but the squatted fields are still standing! We have rebuilt and are waiting for y’all!

Callout for a Permanent Artistic Insurrection

Artistic insurrection, now !

Artists from all horizons, we are waiting for you on February 18, the days before and all the days that will come after to give colours, forms, movement and life to our resistance ! Let the art be struggle, and the struggle be art, and that the sad corruption that ANDRA is doing find its disavowal in our collective crea(c)tion !

Bure. In the Meuse department.
One morning where the Sun is shining on the ground, wet of the night before.


Dear friends,

On August 14, 2016, we broke down the wall. The wall of shame that the ANDRA, the national agency of unmanageable nucleocrats, tried to erect around the Lejuc Wood. This Wood that the ANDRA wants to raze to build their drainage wells. This Wood that we won’t let them kill.

And on August 14, 2016, the wall went down ! We danced on his ruins, made our voices, our steps, ours arms resonate on its rusty pipes. Since then, we occupy the Forest to block this insane project, and every day we find out that inspiration and imagination are not ceasing to be reborn. Creativity has found its place again, in every detail of the Forest, in our constructions, when we are climbing, and by the reappropriation of parts of the Bure de Merlin*, which became slogans and symbols!    *(Wall of Bure, a play on words with “Wall of Berlin” [Mur de Berlin] and a “merlin” which is like a big hammer we used to broke the wall)

The breach into the authoritarian plans of the ANDRA opens a path towards a more lively, a more intense reality, that we now invite you to appropriate on your own.

Especially, on the 18th February, a big mobilization against the CIGEO project will be held. Program : demonstration and actions in the direction of the Lejuc Wood, concerts in the evening, and call to an artistic insurrection.

Artists from all horizons, musicians of all kinds, come and make the liberated forest vibrate. Graffiti artists, acrobats, builders, theater people, puppeteers, fire breathers, dancers, pirate artists, painters or sculptors, and more, you are all invited to Bure to let your imagination run wild. Form is free, you can come few days before, with already prepared projects or to organize during the demonstration, performances in the trees, on the ground, in the air…

Come and turn over the walls! Make the Lejuc Wood an open air anti-museum, living image of art as a form of life, as a form of action, as a form of resistance.

The Owls of Bure


Flyers and posters, feel free to spread it out  :

tract A5tract A4Poster

(original version : tract A5 frenchtract A4 frenchPoster french)


Bonus! A video we made this summer during the fall of the Bure Wall :

À Bure-les-bains, on bois Lejuc sans modération !

February 8th – Emergency : cops near the forest and at “Gare de Luméville”


The audience about the expulsion of the Bois Lejuc takes place today at he court in Bar Le Duc, but cops have already come at the north and south barricads. We need support!

They are also at the “Gare de Luméville”, destroying the barricads surrounding the fields.

10h – the road is cut between Mandres and Luméville. Police has an authorization for taking people’s ID even in the cars, and they make drive back. To help protecting our fields, park in Luméville and walk.

10h15 – Cops have left the southern barricade, after removing the tires. It’s ok there.

The field near the “Gare de Luméville” is under a huge pressure. A machine is destroying the barricads and the trees we’ve planted in novembre. Our friends are in the field for protecting the cultures of wheat. We need people here!

10h30 – Police has left after removing the barricads. They don’t seem to like tires, at all…

No cops around anymore for now. Maybe they just wanted to put some pressure on us. Do they try to scare us at the very moment where they are losing their wood?

Bure: Once again, the ANDRA tries to force its way through

E.Hance, head of the ANDRA’s outside operations, pouring gasoline on militant protecting the access to the forest.

This morning, the ANDRA tried once again to get into the Lejuc forest to clean up what is left of the stone wall they built, a construction that was judged illegal on the 1st of August. We are declaring the legitimacy of our opposition to what is just a communication operation.


At 9.10 am this morning, a mechanical digger, two trucks with trailers, a bailiff, some watchmen and the communication service of the ANDRA came to “clean the forest”. Why didn’t they do it this summer, when the forest wasn’t occupied? The fact that they’re coming just a few days before the “rehabilitation’s” legal due date  shows us that this is just a media circus to try and make up for their serious mistakes.

They came last Monday with trucks full of rubble, which means they’re not just trying to clean the forest, but to keep working on it for the CIGEO project. The cleaning is just a necessary step for them to be able to keep on destroying the forest.

They pretend doing everything in their power to keep these operations peaceful. We find it hard to believe after seeing E.Hance (head of public relations and executor of the ANDRA’s dirty work) driving his truck towards a militant last Monday or, this morning, pouring gasoline on a barricade that several people were defending with only their bodies. We will not give in to intimidation, nor threats.

We are fighting to preserve the forest, so that it can stay under ownership of Mandre-en-Barrois’s inhabitants. As the state prosecutor declared yesterday, the transfer to the ANDRA reeks of illegality. The audience tomorrow should confirm that the ANDRA has no place here.

We are fighting against the CIGEO project, in which the forest destruction is just a step.

We won’t let ourselves be atomized, and the Lejuc forest will stay to those that care about it!


Friends of the forest, enemies of the atom.