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walk in the forest for 7000€

While wandering on the internet we came across this nice press release by ANDRA.

short translation ; they secured (evicted) the wood for being able to :

  • repair the damage done to the wood
  • to comply with the court decision of 01.08.2016 (put back the forest in the state it was before they cut parts)
  • make the wood accessible again for walking around.

we hoped that they finish to restore the forest and promenading was now possible. Due to beautiful spring weather we were motivated to go wandering in the forest instead of in the internet. Before leaving we gathered some informations from the internet and found out that if we walk in the forest without authorization by ANDRA it will cost us 500€ by person by hour, due to a court decision ( more info below).

more information about the prescription at request and the 500€ fine if a person is inside the forest (Bois Lejuc) and/or blocking the work of ANDRA without being authorized by ANDRA, ANDRA can, by intermediation of a bailiff or a juridical cop, ask this person to leave or to stop blocking the work on pain of a fine of 500€ per hour. This is justified by reconditioning work (prescribed to ANDRA by the court of Bar Le Duc following their illegal cutting of trees), which would have been blocked by opponents. But the question is arising, why this prescription is lasting until September if the reconditioning works are already finished. Also Andras capacity to make law be edited in their favor is remarkable, even the juridical branch is creating a law for ANDRA even thought this usually is not within its scope of functions.

Since it was a beautiful day we wanted to start our walk immediately and not wait for ANDRAs authorization, so we decided that a walk in the forest must be worth 500€ per hour. While arriving at the entrance of the forest, we right away saw that ANDRA wanted to recognize the history of resistance within this forest, by keeping the tradition of barricades. Now that the sign “Welcome to the north barricade” was changed for a sign saying “private property, of limits”, the forest must surely be open for promenaders.

We entered the forest curious to see how the reconditioning works had advanced. According to ANDRAs press release they had to repair the all the damage done by the occupants of the forest while building houses. We were able to see to which point the forest was better of without those.

But according to a court decision also ANDRA itself had slightly damaged the forest, by clearing parts, which they now were able to recondition.

The only humans beings we saw during our walk were all wearing a police uniform. (We did not want to disturb the quietness of their walk, so we chose to stay discrete.) We got the impression that ANDRA, who now has the power to choose who is allowed to take a walk in the forest has quit specific criteria.

Besides the small damaging committed by ANDRA ( their reconditioning included) the forest as beautiful. So don’t hesitate to ask ANDRA for a permission to go for a walk in the Bois Lejuc.

We ave an amusing suggestion for you: you can contact ANDRA and ask for a permission to go for a walk in the Bois Lejuc.


ANDRA Centre Meuse Haute Marne BP9

55290 Bure

08 05 10 79 07

PS: think about reminding them that there goal was to make the forest accessible for promenaders

PPS: don’t hesitate to spread this suggestion in your circles

PPPS: Don’t forget that there is a strong connection between ANDRA and the police, so protect yourselves.

Call for a gathering to support the trials of May 23rd in Bar-le-Duc

During the 2 trials of 6 accused each, 11 owls will face the judge on May 23rd, starting at 2pm at Bar-le-Duc’s tribunal.

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye who pass by,

Activists of all kinds and from all lands,

Peasant militant and militant peasant,

We are pleased to annonce that the big fair will settle down on May 23rd in Bar-le-Duc.

With our fabulous perfomances and curiosities, our incredible games and workshop, we will bend over backwards to amuse you ! Be part of the show, proposing your own workshop or animation or coming with your music instrument. You will enjoy the taste of the delicious crepes and the musical amusements, as well as the molkeuf crazy stand ! You will be , impressed, amazed, blinded, mind-blowed…

We shall not forget the goofy show of the trial’s cabinet of the curiosities.To achieve this, you need first to cross sucessfully the terrifying Hall of Mirrors.

Sensitive people, be careful ! You might prefer joining our homemaking vegan sushi stand.

P.S : Exessive militant actions are bad for State control, revolt without reserve. This is not a message from the Ministry of Interior.

To propose a workshop/animation, you can write to or even come directly with it.

Touristic visit of the Bois Lejuc for 3000€

We heard about the new touristic attraction in Meuse : the Bois Lejuc that you can visit for 500€ per hour (according to a new interesting juridic document you get a fine of 5000€ for every hour you spend in the forest).

we through that for this price it maybe worth visiting it. We started our walk passing by the big oak. The cabin is still there but the increase in price did go together with a decrease of altitude of the cabin and it doesn’t seem to be that comfortable to sleep there anymore.




no trace of the road left

while continuing our luxurious walk we saw that the Andra is removing the roads they had build themselves less than 2 years ago and that have never been used by vehicles. But don’t worry if you are interested in visiting the forest by car, Andra will probably rebuild the same roads in the following months.






by the way the village of Bonnet is also building a road in the wood just besides so il looks as if building and removing roads was a highly appreciated activity in this area.

In some places where the vegetation had managed to recover after Andra had illegally deforested, they now restore it aiming at the state right after the cutting without any plants.






Possibly in order to justify the cost of visiting the forest, Andra choose to add some touristic attractions by building new mountains with the gravel of the road.






Shortly after, we have been able to see that indeed there has been some vandals in the forest after the eviction.




We weren’t able to enjoy the quietness of the forest because of the constant noise of jeep-engeins, what a shame for that price!

we just have a picture of they track

But to compensate for the fact that so far the visit was mostly disappointing we saw some of the forest animals : two horses from la garde republicaine ( fancy French military unit) with nice shining neon yellow jackets ( and cops with a matching outfit). We have been so dazzled by their grace and their jackets that we forget to take pictures.






we had a hard time leaving the forest because a barricade made of big stones was blocking the way ( the new occupiers of the forest are building more solid barricades than the ones before).

This visit should have cost 3000€ for the two of us but unfortunately we didn’t find the cashing place. We would have asked you to send us the bill but you have destroy our mailbox while destroying vigie sud.

entering in the forest at 2 cost 1000€

1 hours after it is 2000€

now it is 3000€

Hambach Forest – Bure Solidarity Open Letter

Hambach Forest – Bure Solidarity Open Letter

Throughout the past three years of Bure Anti-Nuclear Struggle and Lejuc Forest Occupation you have inspired us many times and reminded the people in the Hambach Forest, also constantly facing and dealing with repression, that we are not alone. That we are not alone in fighting and resisting capitalism with its many Hydra-like heads of extractionism and climate injustice. The solidarity banners and actions have been going back and forth between the two occupations in the moments when there were most needed. Thank You for both!!

And now as you are facing wave after wave of repression and as we also with 4 comrades in prison prepare for waves of repression and evictions this spring, your struggle once again is serving as a reminder that we refuse to be atomized and isolated. For that reason please keep in mind that Hambach Forest and its over 30 tree houses and over 11 barrios are your home as well for as long as they stand and for as long as they continue to be rebuild. Seeing wave after wave of armed goons descending on you we can not help but hear some of the pessimist voices heard here at times like that especially from some of the less sympathetic bystanders, such as “You can not save the Forest.” “You should have done this 30 years ago” blah, blah, blah. Yet all this bullshit thrown at all of us on many different levels also serves as a reminder that this struggle is not just about saving particular piece of land or a specific ecosystem, it is also about costing the destructive multinational corporate entities as much money, the thing they care about the most, as possible. Costing them dearly by creating a PR nightmare that protest and struggles are for their corporate image and their stock prices. Costing them dearly in delays. Exposing the repressive nature of the State which enforces a toxic and destructive reality to mostly unwilling population, yes so much for “democracy”, and does so from an armored personnel carrier, with the bang of concussion grenades and in the haze of tear gas.

You have also created a space for many to resist to connect and to carry those messages further. Creating a community, educating all who come to the possibilities of horizontalist and post-capitalist reality. You have created a historical record that will prove that this shit did not go down easily and it did not go down unopposed.


Hambi Squirrels