Medical team

Our medical team

A medical team is composed of volunteers with varying degrees of medical training who attend protests and demonstrations to provide medical care such as first aid. They can treat trauma injuries, chemical deterrent and other crowd control weapon ailments, animal attacks, as well as general care for things like heat exhaustion, epileptic seizures, and general well-being.

Our medical team can also being reached for issues other than the ones specific to the struggle, such as sexuality, drugs or psycological issues.

Our medic team is present at all our events (live music, party, demo, action day….) : you can reach them by phone ( +33753517684 ), by calling “medics !” in case of emergency, or going in their tent dedicated to health care.

For those who want to join and/or to train

For those who would like to join the medic team, you can write to sauvonslaforet [at] (then you’ll also be able to know if there is a organization meeting at the begining of an action, and when and where It is), or just introduce yourself once you get in Bure.

We sometimes organize medic training workshops for those who want to learn. All informations are available by mail or in the planning of the week available in the House of the Resistance.

Medics equipment

Below the list of the medical material we need. If you want to bring some of the things mentionned or If you have something we did not mentionned but might be useful, please tell us, or take It with you.

– Survival blankets
– Tourniquets
– IV bags with 0,9% Sodium Chloride injection
– Suture kits (with sterile pliers and protect slit sheets)
– Thin and thick sutures (body and face)
– Oral airways
– Bandages / sterile gauzes / dressings /… Always useful
– Splints and slings ; crutches
– Hand antiseptics
– Saline solution (packets, bottles…)
– Sterile gloves
– Penlights
– Thermometers
– Tensiometers
– Stethoscopes
– Glucose meters
– Medical tables