A revolution does not build itself from nothing: it takes a lot of pellets, planks, rubber boots, tarps and rocket stoves to get going! 😉 Besides other things, the forest occupation is also a DIY-space. We have a constant need for different building material and sensible clothes. Like the phrase says, «one man’s trash is another man’s treasure», so don’t hesitate to offer us pretty much anything you have piled up in your garage or backyard. We can find use for pellets, barrels, tarps and different plastic sheets, boxes, ropes ans strings, tools, buckets, candle leftovers, doors, straw, cutlery, pegs, blankets, notebooks, water pipes… you name it, we can figure out a way to use it.

As for the topic of DIY: we are still a fresh forest occupation that has been building its infrastructure for only a couple of months. Basics are there: kitchen, fireplaces, toilets and such are standing strong, but a lot needs and can still be created. So: if you feel that something is needed or see that something is broken, grab the tools and get creative!