Money donations

Call for donations

This summer, from the 1st to the 10th of August 2015, an anti-autoritarist and anti-capitalist camp will be set up in Bure (Meuse, France). Its main purpose is to highlight and strengthen the local struggle against the buyring nuclear waste’s project in Bure.

It will be the occasion for discussions, meetings, experiences and practices sharing and direct actions. This camp has been thought as an auto-managed event, without relying on other resources than the ones we have got/will get by ourselves: fund-raising events organized before the camp, free pricing tills during the camp, and individual or community donations from people or groups willing to help us.

Donations can be in kind – food, drinks, materials (cf. detailed list here) – or financial. The latter will help us to pay for the materials, food, maintenance of the facilities – like, for instance, the collective tents -, printing tracts or posters, many trips for organizing the camp, and everything necessary for the community life in the camp.

How to send us money?

1) You can send a check to: Les Amis du Bocage c/0 BAM – 14 impasse Carnot, 92240 Malakoff

2) You can also make a bank transfer payment to the following IBAN account: FR761027 80612700 0200 7850161

3) You can eventually leave an envelop at the Resistance House in Bure with the address of the VMC Camp written on it.

See you soon,

Vladimir, Martine & Co