How to find us

General info

The forest of Lejuc is located about 20 minutes walk outside the village of Bure. For those of you about to come, be informed about the following details. Here you also find the route information and maps to help ypu to find your way.

Accommodation: There are three places that can accommodate visitors: The House of Resistance in Bure, the forest occupation in the Lejuc forest and the Train station housing project. These places have their own individual limitations and specialities, so it is good to contact us before your arrival. It is also possible to immediately move into the forest and settle into available communal slpeeping areas or your own tent.

Food: The inhabitants of the forest are trying to be as independent as possible, even if all these three locations of struggle related to one another. If you bring food, prefer vegan options.

Personal Stuff: Warm sleeping bag, head torch, good and water resistant shoes and rain gear are nice things to have.


How to find us

Coming by train:
– Closest station is in Joinville, roughly 20 kilometres from Bure and the forest. From Joinville you can hitch-hike or contact us beforehand to arrange
us to pick you up.

Coming by hitch-hiking/driving:
– From Joinville: Go to the Thonnance-Lès-Joinville exit of the roundabout , direction Laboratoire Andra (villages on the way : Pansay / Saudron) then Bure (to go to la Maison de la Résistance) OR Mandres then Luméville (to come to the camp)

– From Paris: Direction Nancy by the main roads then Saint-Dizier, Ligny-en-Barrois go down through Longeaux, Évilliers, Haudelaincourt, Bonnet, Mandres, Bure OR Luméville (depending if you want to go to la Maison de la Résitatnce or the camp).

– From Nancy: Direction Paris by main roads until Ligny-en-Barrois then go down through Longeaux, Évilliers, Haudelaincourt, Bonnet, Mandres, Bure OR Luméville (depending if you want to go to la Maison de la Résitatnce or the camp).

– From Ligny en Barrois: From D966 take the direction Neufchâteau, continue to direction Houdelaincourt by D960 through Bonnet, continue to direction Mandres, after that follow road signs to Bure and «Laboratoire ANDRA».


Contact us

Email: sauvonslaforet [at]

Number for the forest: +33 (0) 7 53 87 81 61

House of Resistance (Bure Zone Libre): +33 (0) 3 29 45 41 77

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Overview of the area:

carte emplacement occupation

How to walk from Bure to the forest:


How to find from Bure to the forest and where to park your car:



What we offer?

– Every sunday afternoon, starting at 14:00, we offer autumn walks, climbing workshops, hut constructions and discussions in the liberated forest! Bring whatever you want to share; a cake, coffee, a skill, a smile or a rant against Andra and other globe destroyers. We have lot’s of experience on arranging climbing workshops for very different people, from children and more grown beginner’s to rescue climbing session’s for more experienced climbers. Don’t hesitate to come and give it a go! You don’t need to be an Olympics athlete to get the basics of tree climbing.

– Anytime for a cup of coffee at the fire in our kitchen, to help us build or just have a chat. If you decide to bring your climbing harness and or tent and live with us for a while or forever the better. Your are welcomed! A special information to members of the police forces and Andra security: you are also very welcomed to join us, but to do so you will first have to resign your job, burn your uniform and leave your career behind.

– To support the forest occupation financially and materially, feel free to donate what you can: food, finances, tools – expecially pellets and planks are always treasured!