What is the GRAB ?

The Bure Anarchist Research Group (Groupe de Recherche Anarchiste de Bure) comes from a collective initiative of the gravitant-es* aiming to create a space of self-learning, discussions, sharing, questionning, collective exploration, in order to feed our thoughts, practices, and testimonies on subjetcs that concern us in our lives as well as in our struggles.

*we call granvitant.e.s the ones who are living in Bure or who are just passing by.

When and where ?

The GRAB is gathering every monday in the end of afternoon, in the House of the Resistance in Bure.

The last sessions


GRAB #5 January 2, 2017 : medical treatment, psychiatry, medicalization

Discussion on our relation with daily care, care brought by the others, medicalization, psychiatry, psycology;

GRAB #4 December 26th, 2016 : the non-violent communication

Discussion on Marshall B. Rosenberg’s book and on the relevance of a non-violent use of communication tools in groups dynamics, espacially those in Bure. 

GRAB #3 December 19th, 2016 : memories of a territory 

Presentation of a work on memories collect that began in Bure

GRAB #2 December 12th, 2016

Discussion on various topics brought into the GRAB. 

GRAB #1 December 6th, 2016

Discussion on the GRAB form : what is the GRAB, why is the GRAB, how should It work ?