Hambach Forest – Bure Solidarity Open Letter

Hambach Forest – Bure Solidarity Open Letter

Throughout the past three years of Bure Anti-Nuclear Struggle and Lejuc Forest Occupation you have inspired us many times and reminded the people in the Hambach Forest, also constantly facing and dealing with repression, that we are not alone. That we are not alone in fighting and resisting capitalism with its many Hydra-like heads of extractionism and climate injustice. The solidarity banners and actions have been going back and forth between the two occupations in the moments when there were most needed. Thank You for both!!

And now as you are facing wave after wave of repression and as we also with 4 comrades in prison prepare for waves of repression and evictions this spring, your struggle once again is serving as a reminder that we refuse to be atomized and isolated. For that reason please keep in mind that Hambach Forest and its over 30 tree houses and over 11 barrios are your home as well for as long as they stand and for as long as they continue to be rebuild. Seeing wave after wave of armed goons descending on you we can not help but hear some of the pessimist voices heard here at times like that especially from some of the less sympathetic bystanders, such as “You can not save the Forest.” “You should have done this 30 years ago” blah, blah, blah. Yet all this bullshit thrown at all of us on many different levels also serves as a reminder that this struggle is not just about saving particular piece of land or a specific ecosystem, it is also about costing the destructive multinational corporate entities as much money, the thing they care about the most, as possible. Costing them dearly by creating a PR nightmare that protest and struggles are for their corporate image and their stock prices. Costing them dearly in delays. Exposing the repressive nature of the State which enforces a toxic and destructive reality to mostly unwilling population, yes so much for “democracy”, and does so from an armored personnel carrier, with the bang of concussion grenades and in the haze of tear gas.

You have also created a space for many to resist to connect and to carry those messages further. Creating a community, educating all who come to the possibilities of horizontalist and post-capitalist reality. You have created a historical record that will prove that this shit did not go down easily and it did not go down unopposed.


Hambi Squirrels

Callout for a Permanent Artistic Insurrection

Artistic insurrection, now !

Artists from all horizons, we are waiting for you on February 18, the days before and all the days that will come after to give colours, forms, movement and life to our resistance ! Let the art be struggle, and the struggle be art, and that the sad corruption that ANDRA is doing find its disavowal in our collective crea(c)tion !

Bure. In the Meuse department.
One morning where the Sun is shining on the ground, wet of the night before.


Dear friends,

On August 14, 2016, we broke down the wall. The wall of shame that the ANDRA, the national agency of unmanageable nucleocrats, tried to erect around the Lejuc Wood. This Wood that the ANDRA wants to raze to build their drainage wells. This Wood that we won’t let them kill.

And on August 14, 2016, the wall went down ! We danced on his ruins, made our voices, our steps, ours arms resonate on its rusty pipes. Since then, we occupy the Forest to block this insane project, and every day we find out that inspiration and imagination are not ceasing to be reborn. Creativity has found its place again, in every detail of the Forest, in our constructions, when we are climbing, and by the reappropriation of parts of the Bure de Merlin*, which became slogans and symbols!    *(Wall of Bure, a play on words with “Wall of Berlin” [Mur de Berlin] and a “merlin” which is like a big hammer we used to broke the wall)

The breach into the authoritarian plans of the ANDRA opens a path towards a more lively, a more intense reality, that we now invite you to appropriate on your own.

Especially, on the 18th February, a big mobilization against the CIGEO project will be held. Program : demonstration and actions in the direction of the Lejuc Wood, concerts in the evening, and call to an artistic insurrection.

Artists from all horizons, musicians of all kinds, come and make the liberated forest vibrate. Graffiti artists, acrobats, builders, theater people, puppeteers, fire breathers, dancers, pirate artists, painters or sculptors, and more, you are all invited to Bure to let your imagination run wild. Form is free, you can come few days before, with already prepared projects or to organize during the demonstration, performances in the trees, on the ground, in the air…

Come and turn over the walls! Make the Lejuc Wood an open air anti-museum, living image of art as a form of life, as a form of action, as a form of resistance.

The Owls of Bure


Flyers and posters, feel free to spread it out  :

tract A5tract A4Poster

(original version : tract A5 frenchtract A4 frenchPoster french)


Bonus! A video we made this summer during the fall of the Bure Wall :

À Bure-les-bains, on bois Lejuc sans modération !

Emergency call-out from the Lejuc forest occupation

You know how these occupations often go: bad people start destroying the environment, good people intervene, and in the end the bad people get the papers to favour them and start the bulldozers once more. This is exactly what just happened in the woods of Lejuc, near the village of Bure in France. And that’s why we need you. To come. Here. And resist. Big time.

20161125_160205«Some people re-occupied this forest two months ago. To support them I decided to put myself on the line and officially squat the place. I changed my home address here, there’s a mailbox and everything now, and I’m an official resident. Hopefully I’ll makes destroying all this a bit more difficult for those Andra bastards!» says Sven Lindstrom, the first official squatter of the Lejuc forest. For obvious reasons he’s entitled to have his say in this call-out.

«To make
things even more difficult for Andra, I’ve decided to have my birthday party right here, at this forest occupation. My birthdays on 13.12. and of course it will be a theme party. And as it looks like I need to prepare for party crashers in blue, I think I will start celebrating early. Come in and bring your own beer and plenty of friends!»

On the 1st of August, the nuclear monster Andra was ruled by the court to cease the clear cuts and fencing off the forest with the leftovers of the Berlin wall without legal permits. Today, 24th of November, the environmental authority ruled that Andra is freed from having to carry out an environmental impact study concerning its plans, but can instead simply apply for that final clearing cut permit. The alarming part is that this permit will, besides the clear cuts, also cover the whole of the works in preparation for CIGEO, the gigantic underground repository for highly radioactive nuke wasteSo when they come in the next time with their cops and bulldozers: they’re coming to destroy. Big time.

There will be yet one more court hearing about the forest matter on 15th of December. If they play things by the book, they will wait until 15th of December, maybe even January beyond. If they decide to do what they want, they can come evicting on any morning from this moment on. So yes: this is an emergency call out. To join, prepare and face it – and beyond.

essaiTo support Sven, some people offer the accommodation, food and building materials for the guest to come and walk in the woods. If you cannot come, take a stand of solidarity elsewhere or drop Sven a postcard at: Sven Lindstrom, Le Haut Chemin, 55290 Mandres-En-Barrois, France.

Route plans and directions for visitors to come here.

An open letter to Commandant Dubois

It appears that Commandant Dubois, the chief of the local Gendarmerie and Gendarmerie mobile wishes to return to the woods of Lejuc. Mr. Dubois is the very chief of the operations carried out in and around the forest this year, from the 7th of July eviction to other moments of questionable behaviour. It appear that Mr. Dubois has communicated his wish to, for example, attend one of our open Sunday walks. This wish was communicated onwards to the occupants of the forest, who yet communicated the matter onwards.  

Naturally, we didn’t like Mr. Dubois’s idea very much. Thus, different people with different relations, opinions and experiences concerning the Lejuc woods felt that an open letter in hopes of answers to clear the confusement and worries this communication woke would be the best way to communicate something back to Mr. Dubois.

An open letter to Commandant Dubois

We realise this would not be an easy visit, so we decided to put some thought onto the matter you have presented.

We have been thinking about a place to discuss the modalities of your visit, and as this is all about trust building and as you have already visited this forest, we propose that we meet in your living room or another place in your home wich you deem suitable.

There are some further concerns that you and your friends have shown threatening attitudes and physical harassment to people in this very forest.

We are sure that you understand that, like most people, it is hard for us to be welcoming under these circumstances.

In addition, we are certain that you do not want to give the impression that this could be seen as a provocation by the general public, as we are talking about an agent of the police force visiting a place of struggle, especially since the events of October 2014 in Sivens.

We are very much looking forward to your invitation, as we are keen on discussing all these points with you, and of coming to an agreement.

ZAD in NDDL – If they come back we’ll resist even stronger



On the 17th of July, 17 pleas against the airport project in NDDL were rejected but the Administrative Court. The French Prime Minisiter, Manuel Valls, immediately stated that this court ruling “must lead to the resumption of the building work.”

We haven’t forgeten that the French government, after the protest on the 22nd February 2014 in Nantes, had promised to wait for the end of the legal proceedings before acting. We want to remind everyone that associations and groups have lodged an appeal on the verdict of the court and will carry on their legal fight. Depsite the threats, the occupation of the ZAD of Notre-Dame-des-Landes won’t stop.

The crops, habitats and activities are getting denser, with thought on the long term with farmers, local people and many friends of struggle from here and there. We will fight to the end in order to continue to live in this area and against the capitalist management of the territory.

If they try to start up any kind of building work related to the project of airport and its servicing or to attack the ZAD, we are ready to resist together, with all our diversity, on the lands of Notre-Dame-des-Landes and far beyond. We already repelled the César operation in 2012 and we will do so again if necessary.

Today, we are even stronger thanks to local movements and ones from elsewhere, and the support of more than 200 local committees (see the proposals from local committees in case of eviction or the start-up of the building work on the ZAD:…

In one word: “Valls [go to] list yourself!” A group of occupying people at the beach but not too far from the “bocage”.