Morning intervention against the fields barricades

Here is the translation of an article published on on the 8th February.

For several weeks now, Andra has been putting more and more pressure on the nuclear waste disposal opponents. Two weeks ago on January 23rd an opponent was hit in the face by a private security guard during their first attempt to re-enter the forest. A lawsuit was filed for the injuries. Last week on Monday January 31st, Emmanuel Hance, Andra’s PR person, threw gasoline on a barricade onto which opponents had attached themselves.

While Andra is boasting of its respect for legal procedures, it attempted yet another demonstration of strength on February 8th in the morning, while Sven’s eviction trial was taking place in Bar le Duc. Andra and the prefecture has chosen this time a diversion tactic: cop cars were sent to the forest’s entrances to take out tires blocking the south entrance. This enabled them to attract attention to the forest, while operating on their real target, which was actually the fields barricades near the Station protecting the squatted, planted wheat field there. Thanks to the diversion, they were able to destroy the barricades without attracting too much support.

Testimony from 2 people who tried to block the machines

– It was 9.25am, we heard some noise, we thought they were friends then we heard metal noises, and saw the digger grabbing tires so we started running and calling people for help. We got close to the tires and noticed there were two cops inside the Station so we went to them and walked them out of the property and they didn’t argue cause they knew they had no right to be there! There were two workers with a wagon and four cop cars at the beginning.
– That I really liked, telling them to “fuck off” and watching them obey.
– We said “fuck off” and they turned around and left… Then we went back to the barricade and held onto the tires. They continued working next to us, like 5cm away from us, the pliers from the digger was brushing us when it took tires and bits of wall. It went above our heads holding bits of wall.
– At some point when the pliers went up I grabbed one of its teeth but the worker didn’t care a bit, didn’t even slow down, it took me up in the air 1.5 – 2 meters high in the air and he kept destroying the barricade then I feel next to the tires in the field. There the cops tried to get me but I held onto the remnants of the barricade.
– We got inside the tire and they were almost on top of us dragging us, trying to get us off the barricade but it wasn’t really working…
– One of the cops said several times “oh I know them, they’re gonna have a sit-in!” in a really spiteful way.

– We weren’t moving from the tires so they moved the truck to get tires a little bit further, so we ran from our tires to were they were working. That’s when they jumped on us and assaulted us. I don’t even know what happened, I was curled in a ball with my hood on and I was all compressed, I couldn’t breathe anymore, I didn’t know what was going on, I screamed “stop it, stop it” but it was hard to even talk. It last at least 10 whole seconds, then at some point they let go of us and the workers went on grabbing tires, bits of walls, shrubs and even the scareAndras (scarecrows to scare Andra*) that we had planted…
– It’s nuts, we’re fucking farmers and they come to assault us with tear gases! They said “it’s only tires!”, we answered “no, it’s a ton of people who came with their kids in November, hundreds of them, to plant trees, to sow the land, to build barricades and resist this shit world!”. At some point a cop asked us “what have you planted here?” and we answered “get off your uniform if you really want an answer!”.
– They told us “this is a private land, get the fuck away from here, the owner asked us to do this!”. The owner, it’s the Lorraine SAFER (Société d’Aménagement Foncier et d’Etablissement Rural: organization for the real estate layout and rural establishment, in charge of dispatching land to farmers in the name of the government), who is keeping the land for Andra’s future projects. But we don’t even know if the SAFER really filed a lawsuit about this [while somebody has already been summoned to court, as a suspect in the occupation of the land and barricades installment].
– They finished around 10.20am and left after a dozen more cops came to reinforce the troupes.
– We decided to rebuild the barricades and banners. We’re not giving up in the slightest!

What to make of all this?

It is obvious that Andra is trying to put some psychological pressure on us. They know that our attention is mainly focused on the forest and that the legal barricades are still holding there. So it attacks the Station and the squatted fields, where the future railway ought to be (construction supposed to start in 2019). What they don’t realize is that they are only making the rage stronger for all those who live and fight in Bure as well as nearby locals, who are growing tired of police omnipresence. Andra hopes to cut our roots, but they only strengthen our determination.

Will the SAFER and ANDRA decide to completely destroy the 2 hectares of occupied wheat fields? Will the threats get closer once more to the forest?
What is certain is that starting on February 14th we need as many people as possible for our action week, for the massive demo on the 18th, and in the following months to live and fight the nuclear waste disposal project.

The barricade may have fallen, but the squatted fields are still standing! We have rebuilt and are waiting for y’all!

30th January : the empire strikes again

The Andra came back with its machines this morning in the forest.

9AM : One excavator, two tractors with trailers, and three cars went through the northern entrance of the forest.

9:30 Physical confrontation with the security at the north barricade, they try to force through and violently hit the present opponents. We called the Andra’s press service and warned them that their security guards are using violence again. (11H54 : precisions : the opponents have been harmed by those who tried to destroy the barricade, the guards did not directly hit this time. the excavator kept clearing at less than a meter from the people).

9:45 Oppponents are tied to the north barricade and resist to the machines. Emmanuel Hance, the usual dirty-work executor for the Andra, tries to move them by the force. Police on the roads, risks of checks !

10:00 Machines are still stopped. Emmanuel Hance put somme gasoil on the barricade where the opponents are tied. A bailiff is present : the Andra feeds its case file for the 8th february by creating conflict, and once more mafia-like means !

10:20 Security guards turn aroud in their trucks, film and wait for the police support. Opponents are tied to the excavator, on the barricade and are installed on a brand-new platform built at the north barricade.

10:40 The Andra’s “Communication service” is on the spot, with the bailiff and journalists. Just one day before the “forest rehab” deadline, this com operation is depressing. The press service is not answering…

10:45 Tension goes down, after a discussion the opponents free the machines and the barricades while the Andra announce a retirement.

10:55 The Andra and all its machines, guards, com service & co are leaving the Bois Lejuc

11:15 Numerous police checks at the roundabout, several police groups. Threats of immobilisation of vehicles.

11:25 People who came to support on the police check in Bure are controlled and filmed by the police.

11:50 end of the police checks, one vehicle “temporarily” immobilised.

Bure: imminent threat of eviction in the forest occupied by antinuke opponents!

The ANDRA forced its way in the forest, another high tension morning

For 6 months now, the Lejuc forest, in Bure, has been occupied by several dozens of people opposing the nuclear waste disposal project CIGEO.

The occupants have been summoned to court in Bar le Duc on January 25th when there might be an eviction ordered. But the private security gards and the police didn’t wait for the court trial to try and get back in the forest. The next few days will be crucial for the struggle against the CIGEO project.

Around 11am we heard machinery noises in the forest. On a path a few meters away from the communal hut, a construction truck – driven by no less than the infamous Emmanuel Hance, ANDRA’s director for public relations- was destroying barricades and broadening the existing road, escorted by two cars of EPR security guards.

France 3 channel journalists, who were here to interview people about the eviction trial on the 25th, witnessed the whole scene and couldn’t help but notice that Sir Hance wasn’t reluctant to push with a shovel some of the opponents who were trying to stop the machines, at the risk of injuring them. At the same time, a second truck, equally escorted, was noticed and pushed back on the main forest road just before it destroyed the last barricade protecting the collective kitchen.

In the end we managed to push ANDRA back to the center of the forest, at the level of a construction-to-be, put on the ground. In the back, three construction trucks belonging to the Chardot company, loaded with rubble, were waiting to build new roads in the forest. The claim was that their intention was to take away the wall that was destroyed in August. Even though three trials are still opposing us to ANDRA in the days and weeks to come, concerning the occupation of the forest, the deforestation et the illegal acquisition of the forest, ANDRA is once again forcing its way in. Under false pretenses of reconditioning the forest back to how it was, ANDRA is preparing a violent eviction of the forest in the days to come.

Two days before the trial against the forest occupants, the fast arrival of several police cars as well as a special intervention and surveillance brigade, under direct command of none other than brigade leader Bruno Dubois, in addition to a comrade being hit in the nose by a private security guard and ANDRA forcing it way back into the forest, all clearly show that ANDRA has once again decided to ignore the legal process and bring conflict onto the next level.

Today just like in August, we claim our determination to block constructions by ANDRA and to preserve the Lejuc forest at all cost from the destruction ANDRA wreaks upon it every single time!

We are not fooled: replanting a handful of shrubs after tearing down thousands of grown trees, or taking a way a few broken wall parts just a few days before the end of the legally imparted time to do so, is nothing but a smokescreen to better come back a month later to destroy the forest once again!

Meet us on February 18th for a great day of action and mobilisation: whether they try to evict us or not, we will be in the forest!

The Bois Lejuc occupants and opponents to the nuclear waste project CIGEO!

Map of the machines progress in the forest on the 23th January :

Black line with yellow dots : machines’s way into the forest on 23th January.

Orange stars : blockades of the machines by the opponents. (Northern one : face to face with the police / southern one : blockade of the machines)

On the 18th of february, we’ll be in the woods, no matter what will happen !

In this season when nights are long and stars more sparkling than ever, the enemy is still lurking around us. Does he believe that the forest is now sleeping and vulnerable ? He walks heavily on the tough concrete of the court, escorted by his soldiers; and without any remorse, he rapes the sleeping trees’ sweet dreams of harmony. He raves, he dreams of apocalypse, grinded trunks, and huge pits drilling the guts of the earth and spewing wastes that he knows will never stay stick to the shadows.
But still… the Owls keep watching him !

Does ANDRA think we are numb ? We did not fly to the southern warm countries, but to the top of vigorous trees to get a better watch !

It does not matter if we are or not evicted : on the 18th February, we will show that we’re not some dying ember that is extinguished at the first breath, but a huge burning and determined fire ! Come and gather in Bure for a large demonstration to Lejuc forest, with mittens and hoods for cold, and music and colored fireworks for joy. We’ll be the strength of reoccupation and occupation, newcomer or familiar, let’s be there to impose our tempo on the nucleocrats !

  • During the day, we’ll organize climbing workshops and collective constructions for huts and barricades (you might even build a fort and make a zip-line…!). Bring your equipment* and all your ideas ! You’re also very welcome to bring your musician’s and juggler’s instruments to rhythm the fight !
  • In the evening, street art, hot wine and live music will take place in the forest.
    If we can’t access it, we’ll let you know about another place to go.

    It is possible to sleep before and after the mobilization in our houses, in huts, and in tents that will be isolated from humidity and coldness. All we ask you is to bring warming clothes and duvets [MORE PRACTICAL INFORMATIONS AND DETAILED PROGRAMME WILL BE ON OUR WEBSITE SOON]

    *Self-managed groups can tell their construction project by writing to

    Resistance and estovers !
    ANDRA: get out of here !

    The Owls of Bure

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    Press contacts: +33 (0)753 54 07 31 –

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