Blue pressure on the North and South barricades in the forest all week end

Saturday July 1st

Cops are back ! At 6pm, 4 vehicles parked at the (ex) antenna a few hundred meters from the forest then started moving towards the South barricade. About 20 cops got out of the trucks in anti riot gear and fully armed. In order to keep them away the south barricade was set on fire.

We faced them for an jour, they were pointing their flashballs at us but didn’t shoot. Just like yesterday, it looks like it could be a rehearsal exercise, maybe to prepare for an eviction.

We are calling for people to start joining us in the forest to make sure we keep enough numbers to keep them off. July is gonna be yet another busy month. 

We also call for people to join us on our big demo on August 15th to celebrate the fall of the wall and consolidate the forest occupation. 

Friday June 30th

Classic. Every month, we are gifted with our own cops visit. Except that today, there were 50 of them, with flashballs and shields in hand and they weren’t smiling. They mpved towards the first south barricade while in the north about 15 of them searched the North watchtower even though it is set on a private property (a field owned by a friendly farmer).

The police operation started at 5pm and was over around 6:30pm. We are calling for people to remain careful, it looks like they might be training for an eviction. The cops assured us “we’re here to stay and we’ll see you again soo”. We sure know how to expect them.

June 17th, concerts at the ancient train station of Luméville : you can’t overdose on music !

On June 17th, within the framework of the anticarceral week-end, some friends of the Faction Est and the Blackout Brigade are organizing a live music evening on saturday night ! 8 bands ; open-mic, and mix turntables !

There’ll be food and drinks; and you can pay what you want to go in (money is for the anti-repression group). You can obviously camp here : bring your tent and duvet 😉

Trial of L. on the 6th June : the follow-up of a great month of February

“In Bure, there is no happy wall.

Some of Loïc’s friends”

Already three months than the Andra’s fences were overturned. Three months that “we wanted to pay a very personal tribute to this ecotechnocratie monument and its local biodiversity ‘awareness mission’“(info thread February 2017). When you think of all that happened since, trials, appeals, the eviction notice, but also the gigs, the blooming gardens, the parties…, we feel like it’s been ages.

Over, the beautiful determinate demo ? Finished ? Forgotten ? No, because what happened this day still lives. The Andra, this fortress whose lights pollute every night the meusian skies, finally show off its vulnerability, and the villages are gossiping : yes, they are reachable, and no we won’t step back in front of them.

Three months later, this affront hurts, its consequences scare them. To try to wipe all this and exorcize the fear, the Andra and the State would like our friend L. to pay, the only accused of this demonstration. “damages with others”, “refusal to disperse” and “rebellion” : here are the sinister expressions which sum up for them the great collective will to move things and open a breach into the resignation…

This trial is the next step into the repression we, the anti-cigeo activists, are facing. The repression tries to make us feel guilty, to dissuade us, to keep us quiet and lonely. Let’s answer collectively : we all overturned these fences !

The trial will be at 9am at the TGI of Bar-le-Duc. It is public.


Struggle meeting against CIGEO


This half-day struggle meeting takes place in Bure and gathers all the struggle’s components, the neighbors, Bure’s inhabitants, occasional visitors, supporters… It is open to anyone who wanna get informed and/or being invested in the struggle.

This meeting has been held several times last year : gathering those who struggles in Bure everyday and those who come to support at important times, It made them put in common informations, experiences, and feelings, regarding the struggle against CIGEO and all other nuclear industrial projects growing up in Meuse and Haute-Marne.

We’ll first talk about the last mobilizations, and then we’ll think about highlights we could build together in the following weeks and months : inter alia, the action week from 19 to 26 of June, mobilizations in case of an eviction of the Lejuc wood, the Burelesque festival from 11 to 13 of August, and other forms of convergence.

The meeting takes place in the salle des fêtes (village hall) of Couverpuis, from 2 PM. You can obviouly bring something to eat and/or drink !

Music Day

On June 21st, at the ancient train station (Luméville : 5 km from Bure)

“Skids and Grenoble surfers’ teachers 


Boys/Punk Kansas”*

Vegan food and beers (free price)



*no worries: there’s no attempt to make sense