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Info thread July 2017

July 25th: Music has charms to soothe the savage breast

July 25th, all is so quiet and peaceful in Bure, except the regular and endless healthy walk of the police. Therefore, a friend decided to sit on the road to play accordion and sing for us and the drivers passing by, offering a scene where our proud gendarmes, to make sure they will still be able to drive in front of our house as many times as before, came with percussions with 3 cars to deal with this very difficult situation.

Our happy friend keeps singing and playing, disregarding them. Nevertheless, the police keeps insisting : as the lady has to get out of the road for her own safety, they won’t move until she does first. This road does not seem to be anything else but a private road for mass police transit, watched by the so familiar helicopter.

As they don’t get any other answer but beautiful songs, they decide to take the musician to the police station in order to check her identity.

Well… It seems that for the police, “public road” means “military road reserved to the gendarmes”.

July 23th: Ring around the rosy (first experiment).

The love for science thus have no limit. after he yesterday mesured the exact frequency of police rotations, professor Marie-Pierre Abidou and his team watched all day long for viable experiment subjects. the aime of the day? studying their reaction facing a visual swinging stimulus, in this case a merry-go-round pompom.

To try and make them participate more willingly to the experiment, the protocol foresaw the attribution of a free tour to those who would catch the toy. without success. police once again distinguished itself with a boorish clumsiness that recalls the one of the prefecture. militarize more and more, day after day, a territory already sickened by the contempt they’ve treated with since the beginnings of CIgéo, is it objectively a good idea. that is to be seen.

From there, the Professor and his colleagues doesn’t throw in the sponge and will restart their experiments tomorrow.