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D+4 after the attempt to evict the Bois Lejuc

We are the Monday 26th of February, 4 days after the attempt to evict the wood.


9.30am: A mechanical shovel and a big truck have been seen leaving the ANDRA lab in the direction of the wood.

In the morning: trucks bringing concrete wall wrecks have been seen in Mandres and trucks have hauled what seemed to be soil in the south of the forest.

2.30pm: 2 trucks and a mechanical shovel have been followed leaving the ANDRA lab driving towards the wood. A truck hauling rubble and another one with large rocks have been spotted.

On this morning, the 26th of February, mechanical shovel have been spotted in the forest; what are they doing? They are cutting trees down to supply the furnaces of the ANDRA and to summon demonic beasts from the Depths!

D+3 after the attempt to evict the Bois Lejuc

It is Sunday the 25th and some Owls are still in the trees, hold the line on!


2.30 pm: 23 owls surrounded by 4 trucks of the riot cops (included one military truck). They have been in the wood to supply the owls still perched since Thursday.

3 pm: 23 owls still around, for 45 min. The riot cops want to control their identity but the owls refused.

4.30 pm: 17 owls have been released at the edge of the wood, 11 others should be released on another trip. They have collectively refused the identity control.

4.40 pm: the 11 other owls have been released south of the forest.

New police pressure at the House of Resistance

Saturday 23rd

4:15 pm – more cops arrived, excepted in front of the town hall where they have been standing for two days.

3:45 pm – cops are standing in front of the war memorial of Bure, in front of the town hall and some around the church.

3:40 pm – 9 vans are seen driving towards Bure

3:10 pm – people got ID check in front of the church in Bure.


Tuesday 22th, from 6:15 am, 15 gendarmes’ vans have entered the Bois Lejuc, near to Bure, and proceeded to its expelling. Riot cops later broke in the House of Resistance, in the village of Bure, to arrest all the occupants.

Call for gathering Thursday 22th at 6:00 pm (18h) in front of prefectures, and a call to converge in Bure for those who can!


Thanks to send informations at and to coordinate the organization of the resistance, and inform on the organization of gathering. More infos are coming soon !

Friday, February 23

6:15 pm : We got the information from the cops that the two threehouses will be evicted tomorrow early morning. The friends are going well despite the cold.

6:00 pm : A person satyed in one of the treehouse secretly since yesterday. This ,orning two others joined them. The treehouse is now surrounded by cops. So two treehouses are still occupied!.

4:00 pm : Lots of people converge to Bure, the Resistance House is getting full.

2:00 pm: Everyone is out of custody. Two person are taken to court in Bar-le-Duc for immediate trial. They use their right to refuse to appear and are put in jail in Nancy until their court case on March 19.   ACAB

12:00 pm : Some people went for walks around the forest. No machines are working for now. However, cops are everywhere, many vans are parked on the road in the middle of the forest, together with military jeeps. At least two of these jeeps are patrolling around the forest non-stop. Many cabins are already destroyed.






11:30 am: Visit of Lecornu (state secretary) in Bure in 20 minutes, in front of a town hall with broken windows. The village is under police siege.

7:01 am : A treehouse is reoccupied!

Thursday, February 22

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7:19 pm : Most of the ID checked are out.

4:09 pm : Cops quitted the House and the village. Opponents can go back in the House.

3:30 pm REPORT : Arrests are still going on at the House. At least 14 persons were brought in different police stations for ID check. Five went out already. Seven were put into custody and are still inside.

3:23 pm : One person is out of Ligny’s station were they were brought for ID check.

2:12 pm : Three persons taken away apparently for ID check. Possibly a fourth one.

2:10 pm : Two more persons taken away, we also ignore the reason.

1:42 pm : Four more persons taken away from the House, we ignore the reason.

1:37 pm : One more person taken away for ID check. This person was already brought to Ligny in the morning and was out.

1:43 pm : People are regularly taken outside of the House, one or two at the time, and are taken by cops for ID check.

1:26 pm : Two persons taken for ID check are out of the police station.

1:25 pm : Three persones are brought for ID check around the House.

1:13 pm : The people who were barricaded are taken by force outside of the House (they chained themselves but were violently arrested by cops). They are brought for ID check in different police stations (Ligny, Commercy, etc.).

12:50 pm : Two persons are taken for ID check around the house.

12:40 pm : Two person are taken to custody for “outrage”, one in Clermont en Argonne. Actual legal report: 5 persons are into custody; 5 others were taken for ID check in different police stations. Friends are still on the mezzanine, in the freeshop and the dorm.

12:23 pm : A third person is taken by the cops to custody in Revigny sur Ornain.

12:19 pm : Many people are taken in the garden and are under arrest.

12:05 pm : One person is kept in custody inside the House.

11:29 am : Around ten people are waiting outside in support.

11:16 am : Cops are breaking into the House. They use “flangrancy of violence” as a legal justification. Inhabitants of the House barricade themselves on the mezzanine.

10:35 am : Cops want to enter the House, they do summons.

10:33 am : One person arrested in the forest is brought into custody in Saint Mihiel.

10:19 am : Cops are charging in the street in front of the House.

10:10 am : 3 vans, a dozen of riot cops in line in the street in front of the Resistance House, with flashball guns (rubber bullets).

9:45 am : Cops are in the garden of the Resistance house. They surrounded three persons in the garden but let them leave after 10 minutes.

9:30 am (Infotraflics) : No police roadblock, roads to Bure are open. Police request to search in the vehicles and to control the identity of passengers.

9:20 am : A drone above the Resistance’s house. Ongoing expelling in the Great Oak.

8:10 am : Cops are starting to destroy the Southern barricade. Two bulldozers in the forest.

8:00 am: Cops are starting to destroy the Southern watchtower.

7:35 am : Police request to search the vehicles and control ID of passengers in Cirfontaines.

The only roads that are blocked are those who lead directly to the forest (North : Ribeaucourt, South : Mandres)

An helicopter flights around the forest, unmarked police cars in Bure

7:05 am : Two trucks in the Chauffour, on the road between Bure and the forest. Cops between Ribeaucourt and the Northern barricade. No control from Mandres, but the road to the forest is blocked by two gendarmes’ vans.

6:35 am : They are arresting people.

6:15 am : 15 vans of gendarmes, they are entering the forest from the Southern, Southern-East and Northern watchtowers.

Info thread July 2017

July 25th: Music has charms to soothe the savage breast

July 25th, all is so quiet and peaceful in Bure, except the regular and endless healthy walk of the police. Therefore, a friend decided to sit on the road to play accordion and sing for us and the drivers passing by, offering a scene where our proud gendarmes, to make sure they will still be able to drive in front of our house as many times as before, came with percussions with 3 cars to deal with this very difficult situation.

Our happy friend keeps singing and playing, disregarding them. Nevertheless, the police keeps insisting : as the lady has to get out of the road for her own safety, they won’t move until she does first. This road does not seem to be anything else but a private road for mass police transit, watched by the so familiar helicopter.

As they don’t get any other answer but beautiful songs, they decide to take the musician to the police station in order to check her identity.

Well… It seems that for the police, “public road” means “military road reserved to the gendarmes”.

July 23th: Ring around the rosy (first experiment).

The love for science thus have no limit. after he yesterday mesured the exact frequency of police rotations, professor Marie-Pierre Abidou and his team watched all day long for viable experiment subjects. the aime of the day? studying their reaction facing a visual swinging stimulus, in this case a merry-go-round pompom.

To try and make them participate more willingly to the experiment, the protocol foresaw the attribution of a free tour to those who would catch the toy. without success. police once again distinguished itself with a boorish clumsiness that recalls the one of the prefecture. militarize more and more, day after day, a territory already sickened by the contempt they’ve treated with since the beginnings of CIgéo, is it objectively a good idea. that is to be seen.

From there, the Professor and his colleagues doesn’t throw in the sponge and will restart their experiments tomorrow.