Coming to Bure: car sharing and shuttles

We’ve had quite a few messages asking about getting to Bure.1401129836_2064537698

We invite you to add your requests and proposals onto the car sharing site or any other similar site that you find . Sometimes Bure doesn’t seem to be available as a destination, if this is the case try Luméville-en-Ornois.

You can publish a new announcement by indicating that you are passenger in search a driver -here:

If you come from Paris, you can get a lift to Nancy and get out at Ligny-en-Barrois. From there, there is possibility of joining Bure by hitchiking in front of the store Carrefour (road D966 in the South of Ligny en Barrois). It also works if you come from Nancy.

We’ll also try to organise shuttles from the train station in Joinville for people that arrive by train.

If you come by car and want to know the presence of police checkpoints or controls (rare but existing) on ​​the roads around bure, call our emergency phonenumber:

If you want us to be looking for you in Joinville or when you’re stuck in on the small roads around Bure, call to see if we can pick you up.

8 days to go….the latest news!

The beginning of our camp is approaching fast and we’re more than 20 people getting stuck into the collective DIY for the VMC camp and for the other camp of “les ami-e-s de Silence”.  Sprouting up from the ground there are  various tents, domes, shelters, showers and other structures.

A scaffolding has been put up next to the main building to install the guttering and we’ve received the wood that we need to construct the mezzanine inside.  The main work has started and will continue until the beginning of next week.  We plan to have the independant media centre in this area along with a large info point.









Since Monday night we had the suprise to see that a ZAPP “Zone à protéger de paix” (Zone of peace to protect) in front of the gates of ANDRA.  The music group the Bure-Haleurs put their tents up on the grass in front  of the main entrance to the nuclear waste burial site.

Banners have been put up in the bushes in front of the site and messages have been written in chalk on the access roads.  Yesterday an improvised concert was organised around the group of “Ami-e-s de Silence” and some of our friends here for the collective DIY.
A kind of crazy moment between children beating rythms on the gates of ANDRA, a humain chain zigzagging between and in front of security guards and cops (that were targeted with water pistols), they were filming us with their mobile phones.

This morning, woken up be the bells of the media: the journalists who are missing some stories told everyone avout the ZAD in the Meuse, the French radio station France Inter spoke about “a new Sivens”, on France Info is was “the future epicentre of anticapitalists”. All of this mixed together in a big mess: we learnt that there were three camps being put up at the beginning of August. (source : an article on démosphère Alpes de Hautes-Provence), we saw the French MP Denis Baupin quoted and a song from the Bure-Haleurs.  Bad press still has many good days ahead for itself.

panneau_mandresCops are crusing around the roads, a bit of helicopter Tuesday night and cars that are driving around in front of ANDRA for surveillance on the ZAPP camp.  We even had a visit from two cops on our future site for the camp, they asked us to ensure that farmers and their vehicules could continue to drive by in front of our camp.  If that was the only thing bothering them that’s fine by us because we know some of the local farmers.  We did point out to the cops that they were on private land and they weren’t particularly welcome.  We’re not the only ones not to welcome their presence, in and around the surrounding villages some people are getting fed up with them hanging around.

It’s not our fault because we did tell the préfecture that too many cops wouldn’t help their image.  This didn’t prevent some road signs being redecorated for the occasion….

What else have we been up to? well we’ve continued our door to door visits in local villages, apart from some rare exceptions people were welcoming and curious.  We must say that at least we are behaving better than Mr Hance, who from eye witness reports (including people from ANDRA) has not been very helpful.  Threatening our pacific friends on the ZAPP with eviction or local inhabitants with expropriation when they don’t want to sell up to ANDRA, that musn’t be an easy job but still…..

nevertheless we greet the praiseworthy efforts of ANDRA to do well looking at corruption, with those who want to see and hear nothing, by advertising campaigns of an undeniable funny sense. Others know what has happend in the last 15 years.


Press release: one camp can hide another

The tone was set in the French media on the 23rd July. The radio station France Inter said “the next Sivens will be in the Meuse” and France Info claimed that Bure will be the next epicentre of anti-capitalists.

Like waltzing scarecrows, you can plant ZADs like you can sow corn, long, wide and especially crooked.

News that arrives quickly is not necessarly a sign of quality, here’s the proof when news stories are put together from a mix of local reporters who are not well informed, a quick look on a search engine, a tweet from a deputy and there you have it, the buzz of the day.

Although nobdy has called out for a ZAD in the Meuse, wild rumours are flying around that “Zadistes” are coming to occupy the land here like in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.  Each place has it’s own story and in the Meuse it’s not a new struggle.  Nobody here waited for the word “Zadiste” to appear in the dictionnary before starting to fight against the project of CIGEO.  For ten years a house of the resistance (“la maison de resistance”), bought and restored in bure by the opponents of the project of a nuclear waste burial site, is a sign of the the very diverse initiatives which contribute to denounce and to prevent the CIGÉO project.

The two camps this summer (not three) are part of the continuing opposition.  They’re both on land that was aquired 10 years ago by people who are opposed to the CIGEO project.  The camp of “Amis de Silence”, an ecological magazine (20 july – 3 August) and the anti-capitalist camp VMC (1-10 August) were thought of as moments of meeting together and a way to strengthen the local opposition.

Apart from these planned initiatives a new camp has just sprung up in front of ANDRA by the local musicians the “Bure Haleurs”.  They’ve called it ZAPP for “Zone à protéger par la paix” (Zone to be protected by peace) in an ironic way which people here have seen and welcomed.  A sign of how well people (don’t) understand is how some people have taken this ZAPP too seriously.  Journalists that have seen our 7 friends camping and enjoying themselves in front of the gates of the laboratory (ANDRA) who have claimed that this will be the next Sivens or a future “ZAD” obivously don’t have much news to report about in these sunny summer months.

It’s one thing that a remote journalist reports some approximations in a way this is too narrow to retranscribe the realities, we regret this but we can understand it. But when the national press seizes it, repeats it, amplifies it and deforms it even more, we wonder if it is the information or its appearance which is more important. If we had had as many phone calls or physical contacts as articles we’ve read which claim to know us, we would have avoided some shortcuts and confusions which are the result of the intellectual and journalistic dishonesty. It seemed to us nevertheless that one of the foundations of investigative work is to check the sources.

Our web site is one, it’s updated daily and fed with information and specifies our intentions through several texts.  If any questions remain after reading, we have a phone contact dedicated to the media.

In these crazy times when the information circulates at the speed of a tweet, the consequences of a bad press can turn out to be regrettable and are difficult to correct.

The independant “automedia” team  of the self-managed camp which will take place from 1-10 August.

Note: our camp begins on 1st August , we are reachable by telephone until this date and we won’t be present in Luméville-en-Ornois, nor at the House of the Resistance, nor even in front of the ANDRA, before.

10 days to go and things are hotting up!

With 10 days go to before the camp a few of us are here already getting stuck into some collective DIY that started on Monday 20 July on the site in Luméville-en-Ornais at the same time that the other camp from the ecological magazine Amis de Silence are setting up their camp.

They’ve started to put up structures where we cleared some space and they’ll continue in the next few days and until the end of their camp on the 3 August. We’re waiting impatiently for new arrivals for some collective DIY because there’s still lots of things to do so that we’ll be ready to welcome the hundreds of people expected for the camp. Got some free time ? What are waiting for, get down here now !

J-10_vmccampIn the last few days we met the cyclists from « Altertour » who made a two day stopover in Bure at the Maison de la Résistance (the house of resistance!). About 40 of them joined us on the future site of the camp after they’d passed in front of the gates of ANDRA, watched closely by the cops . We shared some food, thoughts and music (with the cyclists of course) all in all a good time was had by all !

Earlier in the day some of us went around the local villages surrounding the camp to invite people to come and join us and to show support for the local struggle. Once again we were pleasantly surprised by the welcome we got even if a lot of people have given up on the thought that the project can be cancelled a lot of them support us in what we are doing. We’re already received quite a lot of material from them and promises of more to come in the days leading up to the camp. Around ten or fifteen people came to the snack that we organised from the villages of Mandres and Luméville-en-Ornois in the afternoon.

One thing we can be sure of is that ANDRA isn’t appreciated around here, quite the opposite : they’ve managed to divide neighbours, families, turn people against each other and create a climate of informing, treason and terrible guilt. For many people, us being here brings the unknown into a social landscape degraded by the political scheming. They observe us with a rather friendly but nevertheless careful curiosity.


So what are the cops upto ? Roads have been cleared and they drive around in cars and even fly over in helicopters, checking any number plates that haven’t been hidden, stopping isolated cars for various random reasons, taking lots of photos of us especially when there are some actions organised near ANDRA. We wouldn’t be surprised if lots more cops arrive before and during the camp…we’ve even seem some motorbikes, motorcross style and some 4 wheel drive cars for moving around in the fields.

We’re receving a lot of emails with questions and propositions for the camp, that’s really encouraging : the program of discussions, workshops and events is getting denser and more precise.

In terms of news, it seems that Ségolène Royal the « ecology minister » is against the buryng of waste ; after a special procedure was applied in parliment (the 49.3 with no chance to vote against it)  to get the project started. We’re disappointed that she didn’t think about asking people to come to our camp this summer…especially seen as people from the same ministry this May came out in favour or this project.

For BFMTV (private French TV news channel) we are annoying the local population.  We don’t think we are talking about the same population.  It’s always good to have an independant view to support the effort of struggles and restore the realities that French people are living which “do not bear any more scribblings/markings on their walls “. It seemed to us that only the walls of the ANDRA and their partners, haystacks and road signs had been relooked.

Watch out, one dishonest journalist can hide another one in the Meuse.  We all remember  the statements of the assistant director of ANDRA, Jean-Claude Baillet that ” the inhabitants do not have to be worried, tests will be made with artificial containers ” (and some artificial radiation?)