4 days to go, news just in!

After a rather tense Friday , where the cops were all over the roads in the morning and two people were arrested, the tension has gradually decresaed again. The friend arrested for a positive control over a smoked joint the day before was released after 4 hours for an identity check; we are awaiting for the consequences for his licence. We went to the police station (gendarmerie) of Ligny-en-Barrois three times where they (the cops) refused to confirm the presence of our other friend.

He was finally released after he went in front of the judge at 10am on Sunday, after 48 hours in custody.  He was charged with: not proving his identity with a document, at a police road block, even though he wasn’t the driver of the vehical.  Verdict: on probation with a ban on entering Meuse and Haute Marne regions before his court case…..the 11 August in Bar-le-duc (that was good timing!).  The judge advised him not to risk things because more police road blocks will become common around here and it would be difficult to get through.  Does the judge know something that the préfet is hiding (see below)? Is independant justice something that really exists…

635615948418347349-3-11It look like the Préfet is denying the presence of a drone but we think he needs to check with his colleagues the gendarmes (Brigade de Recherce) from the Meuse who arrested people.  Seems strange this this police unit (Brigade de Recherce) are present at road blocks/check points because normally they’re supposed to be investigating burglaries and other crimes.

The Préfet also denied that he convoked a press conference for Monday 27 July, the newspaper la Voix de la Haute Marne must have invented that then.  Luckily we have an interview in another newspaper l’Est Républicain where the préfet wishes “That this gathering takes place in a calm and respectful climate of others”.  But that there is ” no will to do more than the usual missions and activities of the gendarmerie of the sector “. At the most it is ” dozens of people ” that will establish the monitoring system with ” means and equipments adapted to the ground and to the traffic around ANDRA “.

We ignore the antiterrorism laws and we have  a civilised speech which would almost let us believe that everything is for the best in all possible democratic worlds , a world where the surveillance law (loi de renseignement) would not have been adopted and where Valls would not promise to act daliy ” in the firmest way “. A beautiful very bushy tree to hide the forest of Mandres, let us wait to see what come out of some woods (while ANDRA is not there) …

The annoyance and the concerns of the gendarmes of Ligny (that our friend had 48 hours to share) further to the operation of last Friday, also have to be the fruit of our imagination: they say to themselves maybe that it is them who will have to continue to live with the population which they will have prevented from circulating and hasseld for 3 weeks, on orders of their hierarchy. Four hours of intensive controls on roads in periods of harvests that does not create sympathy … Otherwise, if they ever tell you that it is us, we deny in advance any responsibility in that.

mezzanineWhile waiting for the calvary to return , we found a little more tranquillity on roads around Bure. That allowed quite a lot of friends to join us serenely on the construction site. We are more than fifty people now working on the implementation and building up of the camp. Things are beginning to get organised, with some small hiccups here and there. As for example, last Thursday evening, this story of skipping/dumpster diving of vegetables in l’Intermarché (supermarket) of Joinville that almost turned out badly because the manager tried to hold our friends against their will. Last Saturday, a concert was organised in support of the camp at la Maison de la Résistance (the House of the Resistance).  This was a moment for everybody whether they were regualars at the house, from others groups, ami-es de Silence and others from the site at Luméville to share an evening together with music and other fun and games.

In terms of the press we’re having more and more contact by telephone and by email sometimes good (or bad).  Some are friendly but others that we’d rather not bother talking to.  A press conference is planned on the 3 August at 8:30, a few different people will explain our ideas and thoughts (the exact location wil be communicated in a forthcoming press release).  Some people continue to write what they think, believe or try to understand. Like this article from Rue89 (in French) that we really didn’t appreciate so we took the time to anaysle it – in French (in the wild hope, well you never know, that future articles will be more rigourous and of a better quality).

Whatever happens we’re pleasantly suprised by all the people that are writing to us, supportiong us and are promising lots of cool things for the 10 days to come! This makes us feel good.  We’ll never have enough heads, arms, shoulders, smiles and knowledge to build up this camp and to live it for 10 days! so what are waiting for?, bring it on!

press release: how the préfecture creates tension

Update 27/7/15: The person who apperaed in front of the judge was placed on probation with a ban on entering the Meuse and Haute Marne regions until the court case on the 11 August

Update 25/7/15: From the two people arrested, one person was released with their driving licence suspended and other person is in custody and will go before the judge on Sunday 27 juillet.  A call out to gather in front of the court in Bar-le-duc at 10am was sent out

The préfecture (the district administered or governed by a prefect) has planned a press conference next Monday to tell us how the surrounding area (30km around Bure) will be turned into a police zone, this morning (Friday 24 July 2015) we had a taste of things to come.

interpellationBy the end of the morning various different cop cars and military vehicules were doing their dirty work. The prosecutor decided that everything that moves will be checked.  In all the crossroads around Bure, looking for explosifs, arms, weapons and dangerous individuals.  They were looking for any excuse to arrest people as well; two people were arrested in Bure around 11am.  When we asked them what all this was for, they told us that they’d seen a “drone flying over ANDRA”.  An invisible drone for the music group the Bure-Haleurs who’ve been camping peacefully since Monday in front of ANDRA. [1] It must have been a stealth police drone…

IMG_5915webIf they (the cops) wanted to create tension that’s the best way to do it.  It’s not like we didn’t warn them in our previous press releases.  For us, the authorities continue to deliberately reproduce the same things, escalating conflict and intimidating the local population.

We’re calling out to all our friends to be careful on the roads when you come here.  We regret the stress this puts on everyone with a week to go until our camp which is located between Mandres-en-Barrois and Luméville-en-Ornois.  It will take place from 1-10 August. We hope that in the next few days everything will return to the peace and quiet which had accompanied us until now.

The independant “automedia” team of the self-organised camp which will take place from 1-10 August.


Press release: one camp can hide another

The tone was set in the French media on the 23rd July. The radio station France Inter said “the next Sivens will be in the Meuse” and France Info claimed that Bure will be the next epicentre of anti-capitalists.

Like waltzing scarecrows, you can plant ZADs like you can sow corn, long, wide and especially crooked.

News that arrives quickly is not necessarly a sign of quality, here’s the proof when news stories are put together from a mix of local reporters who are not well informed, a quick look on a search engine, a tweet from a deputy and there you have it, the buzz of the day.

Although nobdy has called out for a ZAD in the Meuse, wild rumours are flying around that “Zadistes” are coming to occupy the land here like in Notre-Dame-des-Landes.  Each place has it’s own story and in the Meuse it’s not a new struggle.  Nobody here waited for the word “Zadiste” to appear in the dictionnary before starting to fight against the project of CIGEO.  For ten years a house of the resistance (“la maison de resistance”), bought and restored in bure by the opponents of the project of a nuclear waste burial site, is a sign of the the very diverse initiatives which contribute to denounce and to prevent the CIGÉO project.

The two camps this summer (not three) are part of the continuing opposition.  They’re both on land that was aquired 10 years ago by people who are opposed to the CIGEO project.  The camp of “Amis de Silence”, an ecological magazine (20 july – 3 August) and the anti-capitalist camp VMC (1-10 August) were thought of as moments of meeting together and a way to strengthen the local opposition.

Apart from these planned initiatives a new camp has just sprung up in front of ANDRA by the local musicians the “Bure Haleurs”.  They’ve called it ZAPP for “Zone à protéger par la paix” (Zone to be protected by peace) in an ironic way which people here have seen and welcomed.  A sign of how well people (don’t) understand is how some people have taken this ZAPP too seriously.  Journalists that have seen our 7 friends camping and enjoying themselves in front of the gates of the laboratory (ANDRA) who have claimed that this will be the next Sivens or a future “ZAD” obivously don’t have much news to report about in these sunny summer months.

It’s one thing that a remote journalist reports some approximations in a way this is too narrow to retranscribe the realities, we regret this but we can understand it. But when the national press seizes it, repeats it, amplifies it and deforms it even more, we wonder if it is the information or its appearance which is more important. If we had had as many phone calls or physical contacts as articles we’ve read which claim to know us, we would have avoided some shortcuts and confusions which are the result of the intellectual and journalistic dishonesty. It seemed to us nevertheless that one of the foundations of investigative work is to check the sources.

Our web site is one, it’s updated daily and fed with information and specifies our intentions through several texts.  If any questions remain after reading, we have a phone contact dedicated to the media.

In these crazy times when the information circulates at the speed of a tweet, the consequences of a bad press can turn out to be regrettable and are difficult to correct.

The independant “automedia” team  of the self-managed camp which will take place from 1-10 August.

Note: our camp begins on 1st August , we are reachable by telephone until this date and we won’t be present in Luméville-en-Ornois, nor at the House of the Resistance, nor even in front of the ANDRA, before.

Bring Your Shovel!

Here and here are the pdf files to download and print.

Let’s meet in Bure this summer!



There is no solution to the problem of how to manage radioactive waste, and never will be. Whether it’s 500 metres below the surface here in Bure, or elsewhere, nuclear waste will always be around. What matters is not managing it but first stopping its production altogether. The reason that the nuclear industry and the French government want to bury the problem as fast as they can is so that they can keep on producing waste. We are against the destruction of our living spaces, in Meuse or anywhere else, as well as against nuclear energy now and in the future. So we would like you to join us in Bure, from the 1st to the 10th August, so as to build a real and strong opposition to CIGEO (the proposed waste management centre) and its world.


After half a century of lethal radiation, the nuclear industry is still without a solution to the radioactivity of nuclear waste. Accepting this failure, the French government now resorts to authoritarianism, imposing nuclear waste dumps with mafia-like conduct whilst masquerading as a democracy, seizing land – with the resulting violence.

After having been displaced several times in the 1980s, twenty years ago the French Agency for the Management of Nuclear Wastes (ANDRA) eventually went to Bure, in a sparsely-populated area of the Meuse departement in north-eastern France, to undertake its nuclear investigations. With few people living there (about 7 people/km2), Bure was seen as an ideal area to pile up humanity’s most toxic waste. An underground laboratory was created there in 2001 and in 2006 ANDRA decided to convert it into an “Industrial centre for geologic management” (CIGEO) despite the public’s opposition to geological storage.

There is still no nuclear waste there: the start of the site’s preparation is planned for 2017 while the first batch of nuclear waste should be there by 2025. In addition to the laboratory, archive centres and an “eco-library” (a database of the site’s pre- nuclear state) have popped up. Unofficial projects have already begun: widening of roads, land claims by the local Agency of Property Management and Rural Installation (SAFER), clear-cut logging in nearby forests, etc.

At the same time, a huge industrial monitoring programme is being used in the south of Meuse: logistic centres for the transport of radioactive material, graduate programmes related to the nuclear industry, etc. All legal actions to stop ANDRA have failed. They ignored the 42,000 people who called for a referendum about nuclear waste management; they swept away the precautionary principle which the public consultation recommended; and finally they ignored local by-laws forbidding the burying.

debat public bure 2

With the help of local and nationalvieuxcailloux organisations, and antinuclear activists from Germany, we bought a house ten years ago as a reply to ANDRA’s laboratory. Thanks to donations from locals and visitors, it has been possible to refurbish this “Revolution House”.

As a community meeting place, this house was an opportunity to gather independent information about the nuclear industry, how to make use of non-nuclear energy resources, etc. This place, where many activists from France and elsewhere have been able to meet each other, is now at the heart of the growing local opposition.

Despite what people have done in Bure for 20 years (raising awareness, creating a network with other antinuclear groups, and keeping ANDRA’s projects under supervision), CIGEO is still gaining ground. Therefore, we need to go beyond existing ways of organising to call for stronger action against CIGEO.


The nuclear industry cannot solve the problem of nuclear waste for it is truly unsolvable. It is impossible to clear up nuclear waste: some of it it will remain dangerous for many millions of years.

The French nuclear industry has no way of managing its own nuclear dustbin. Irrespective of our views on the use of nuclear energy, the political elite want us to think that nuclear waste management is a matter of necessity. They try to present this problem as an issue of future generations’ well-being. Let’s be realistic: since when was the nuclear industry concerned with humanity? The French government and nuclear industry’s arguments are inconsistent. Otherwise, they would have already stopped producing nuclear waste and not put us all at risk with operating power plants and radioactive material going back and forth through France and Europe.

Some people say: “Dangerous nuclear waste already exists, so what should we do with it?” The sad truth is they are right. Today there is nuclear waste and there will be even more in the future. But the same is true 500 metres underground. To hide a catastrophe is not to remove it. However, if we won’t ever be free of nuclear waste, we do not want to “suggest any kind of solution” to their endless problem either. We are not and we won’t be the “co-managers” of the nuclear industry. To act otherwise will be working for free for the benefit of “nucleocrats”. This is out of the question.What we want is not to just put pressure on politicians and nuclear industry for an alternative to geological disposal, but for a complete end to nuclear energy production and its inevitable byproduct.

Half of the nuclear waste they plan to bury is not produced yet. Current storage units are full, so it becomes urgent for the French government and the nuclear industry to hide what is left and create enough space for the storage of future waste. In short, they are looking for a quick-fix solution that will legitimate their nuclear electricity programme which is perpetuating the catastrophe. Pharmaceutical and food industries, CIGEO – they are all run by the same power brokers. Furthermore, CIGEO is really a marketing operation while the French nuclear industry pretends it is in control of its operating chain, from uranium mining to power plants’ dismantling.

Fighting against CIGEO is fighting against French energy policy which wants to make France a pivotal point for energy distribution in Europe and north Africa. From the EPR nuclear reactor to geological disposal, via high-voltage transmission lines, CIGEO stands at one end of a whole series of dangers of which the nuclear industry is a key part. In addition to the killing of our lands, CIGEO will help the electrical-nuclear industry to keep developing worldwide, while strengthening state power and capitalism. The nuclear industry is trying to persuade people, promising economic growth with the intention of developing a European electricity market where profitably new “innovations” are possible: electric cars, connected gadgets, smart networks or smart electric meters, and so on. What about the seeping of nuclear waste flowing out of Bure, which is an end-point of this dream? We won’t let it happen either in Bure or in anywhere else – for CIGEO is not just “our” problem, it is also yours !


As we blockaded the 2013 public consultation about Bure, we get a solid feeling of community in our fight against CIGEO. Thereafter, many people and associations from or near the village of Bure, who oppose the CIGEO project, have believed again in their ability and rights to fight against the whole nuclear industry system. We do not want only to inform people, we want to move people to action! Thus, this meeting in Bure will aim at setting up concrete actions, as well as being a way to show how many we are.

For many years, we have shared our respective experiences of community life and collective actions: knowledge sharing, thoughts about autonomous ways of life, horizontality, care for each other, and so on. Joining us in Bure does not even mean you already have to be an environmentalist or antinuclear activist! It just means that you believe in the need to create strong organisational structures to facilitate local struggles.

In Bure, we will create a place where we live together for ten days, sharing our practices, talking about our common struggles and our ways of living in community, wherever we are in the world, without any kind of authoritarianism or oppression. Among other things, we will raise issues about current campaigns – Bure itself, ZAD (opposing airport construction in western France), No-TaV (against the destruction of unspoilt countryside by an ultra-high-speed railway line between France and Italy), the Hambach forest occupation (opposing destruction caused by plans for open-cast mining near Cologne in Germany), and so on.

We will also consider how the political means of suppression of dissent is changing, as well as looking at right-wing movements, so we are ready to stand against CIGEO or any other projects of its kind. Last but not least, it will be a great occasion to plan actions for the next United Nations Conference on Climate Change, COP21 in December 2015 in Paris, hence linking anti- nuclear and climate struggles.

sauvonslaforet [at]