June 19 th – December 19th : we’ve been occupying Bois Lejuc for 6 months !!

These six months of occupation were also six months of encounters, parties, picnics, DIY and building, on the ground and up in the air. For six months, the local fight against Cigeo project and its world got more and more intense, with demonstrations and parades… It all started on June 19th with a picnic in the forest that lingered into a joyful  and resolute occupation. We got evicted, destroyed a wall and took over again. After six months, the wood is still full of campfires, singing, wood-baked stuffed squash, energy, discussions and music… The owls of the Mandres forest are still at home here, and bound to stay !

Besides, Sven, the first official inhabitant of the wood, has celebrated his birthday there, on December 13rd. That was the opportunity to have a good meal around the fire and open an all-new sweat lodge, so as to get warmer during the cold winter nights.

And we did it again this week-end, at the winter solstice ready-for struggle party. We were some 80 people
spending our day in the forest, with a heavy agenda : climbing workshop, cabin plank-nailing, digestive badminton sessions on the “badricade”, strolls around Andra’s reafforestation work, evening meals around the fire. We warmly thank all the friends who came (back) to see us and brought us, along with their smiles, material and food to withstand the winter. The festive spirit of our summer of struggle still floats over the forest !

In the meantime, Andra’s greenwashing farce is going on… Their “reafforestation” of some 2300 young trees is almost done : what a charming attention from our so green nucleocrats. We thank them. But we won’t forget the dreboisementead trees that lie a few feet away. Let’s not be deceived by their apparent mea culpa. In the wood, Andra still regularly sends us its cops and vigilantes to create a tense atmosphere… until the next eviction ? On a legal point of view, the next hearing concerning the wood shall be held on January 5th, 2017… To be continued…

On the other hand, at the House of Resistance, the kitchen is now adorned with new colors ! You may get a unique chance to come and see that whenever you want !

An open letter to Commandant Dubois

It appears that Commandant Dubois, the chief of the local Gendarmerie and Gendarmerie mobile wishes to return to the woods of Lejuc. Mr. Dubois is the very chief of the operations carried out in and around the forest this year, from the 7th of July eviction to other moments of questionable behaviour. It appear that Mr. Dubois has communicated his wish to, for example, attend one of our open Sunday walks. This wish was communicated onwards to the occupants of the forest, who yet communicated the matter onwards.  

Naturally, we didn’t like Mr. Dubois’s idea very much. Thus, different people with different relations, opinions and experiences concerning the Lejuc woods felt that an open letter in hopes of answers to clear the confusement and worries this communication woke would be the best way to communicate something back to Mr. Dubois.

An open letter to Commandant Dubois

We realise this would not be an easy visit, so we decided to put some thought onto the matter you have presented.

We have been thinking about a place to discuss the modalities of your visit, and as this is all about trust building and as you have already visited this forest, we propose that we meet in your living room or another place in your home wich you deem suitable.

There are some further concerns that you and your friends have shown threatening attitudes and physical harassment to people in this very forest.

We are sure that you understand that, like most people, it is hard for us to be welcoming under these circumstances.

In addition, we are certain that you do not want to give the impression that this could be seen as a provocation by the general public, as we are talking about an agent of the police force visiting a place of struggle, especially since the events of October 2014 in Sivens.

We are very much looking forward to your invitation, as we are keen on discussing all these points with you, and of coming to an agreement.

What happens next… the dates in October/November !!

Tuesday 18th October – Call for support for friends’ trial, tribunal of Bar-le-Duc

Two painter friends are accused by the ANDRA, let’s go and support them! Meeting at 9 am at the tribunal of Bar-le-Duc with something to eat, and (french??) Bure fries at lunch!

Monday 24th to Sunday 30th October – Construction and climbing workshops

lejucAfter the destruction of the wall, the police did not come back into the forest. On the 20th of October, at the request of the ANDRA, the  appeal hearing on the decision by the court to declare the forest clearing illegal and ask for the rehabilitation will be held. Between the 24th to the 31th of October, whatever the decision is, we invite you to join us for the construction of structures in the trees of the Lejuc forest and climbing workshops! ’cause the forest is ours!!


Saturday 29th October – Assembly of the movement against the nuclear dump

At 2pm at the house of resistance, let’s all meet to keep imagining prospects for the struggle against the nuclear dustbin (and its shitty world!!). After the summer occupation of the forest and the blockades of the works,  let us find some new ways to stop this steamroller!


Week-end of the 11th to 14th November – Francophone meeting of the Reclaim the Fields network in Bure !

carrotWe are really happy to host the francophone meeting of the friends from the peasants-without-lands and Reclaim the Fields networks, to discuss peasant agriculture and anti-capitalist autonomy prospects, in France and elsewhere, and still occupy in many ways the lands around, against the dispossession organized by the ANDRA!!


Sunday 13th November – Collective gardening on occupied lands

03arecuperacic3b3n-tierra-cobalc3b3-cauca-jorge-silvaFrom 1pm at the ancient station of Luméville

Almost one year after the first action of agricultural land reoccupation (on the 15th November 2015), let’s do it again on the squatted lands of the Luméville station! On Sunday the 13th November, come for a joyful afternoon of cultivation to feed our rebellion!

More info on very soon! / Contact:

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Recap of the summer

Here is a small recap of what you missed this summer !


The Andra fixed its choice for the ventilation pits area on the “bois lejuc”, a small forest owned by the commune of Mandres-en-barrois, where inhabitands used to go for a walk, hunt, fetch their firewood for the cold winters or just mushrooms for the supper. They said no when the agency offered money and job offers, prefering to preserve their memories, habits, secrets and the growing trees.


The Andra comes back, and at 6AM, the municipal council vote the exchange of the wood, 7 votes in favour and 4 against. The inhabitants, in conjunction with associations, lodged an appeal to the administrative tribunal.


May The Andra starts to work in the forest : broadening access routes, clearing a platform…

June 6– the access to the bois Lejuc is closed. The following week, demonstrations are organised to block the works. Police, private security, helicopter are all mobilised. The clearing works continue.

19- A picnic in the forest turns into a sabotage, 200 people, locals, associations, activists… all came colorfully (black is a color), birdy-masked, and took off the fences, set up barricades before the gaze of the security. It’s the beginning of the forest occupation !

A complaint on the illegality of the clearing is lodged.

During the following weeks, life is organised around walks, constructions, songs, bonfires…

But threats arrives, the Andra files a complaint, a bailiff comes to visit, an expulsion order is published.

July 7– The forest and its inhabitants are violently expulsed.

Works are starting over.

16- More than 350 people come to re-occupy the forest, joyfully successfully. The battle was hard, the Andra militia was particularly violent. Friends were arrested, others injured. The forest will be occupied again for a few days.

A wall is being build.

August 1- Tha Andra is sentenced by the court to stop all the works and asked to restore the forest within 6 months- if nothing comes to authorise the forest clearing.

10- Farewell drink for Mr Baillet, removed at the head of the Andra !

14-15-16- The wall is falling ! 500 people helped the Andra in its restoring task, demolishing the wall around the forest

Now the summer is gone, autums brings trials, wood houses on the top of the trees in the forest, cleaning, demos, the return of the security and a lot more !


Press Release of the medical and legal teams at the occupation of the forest on the violence’s suffered by the protesters

This Saturday, July 16, 2016, the local residents, the local farmers, the militants, families and international supporters, attended the reoccupation event  in the forest of Mandres-en-Barrois. This tercentenary forest, having already suffered damage from the first illegal work of the ANDRA, is doomed to disappear to make way for a senseless landfill project, Cigéo, consisting of burying nuclear waste.

The protest of 400 people, gathered in a desire to defend the wood and prevent the continuation of this project and these illegal works, had converged towards the forest. This cheerful and determined event ended with a great meal and a night in the wood of Lejuc.

In the aftermath of this event, the medical and legal teams of the movement, who treated the wounded and collected numerous testimonies, derived an alarming report.

Throughout the day of July 16, the participants reported countless assaults by the private security service of the ANDRA. Equipped with transparent shields, helmets, batons, tear gas sprays, sleeves picks and slings, these so-called “security guards” in charge the security of the site were actually constituted into a true mobile militia, searching violent contact and chasing after protesters in the fields and in the woods, to beat them and steal their personal belongings.

The people were molested and assaulted with sticks and batons, kicks and punches, were attacked with stones, were gassed directly in the face and, for some of them, were smacked face down against the ground, bashed violently on the head and hit repeatedly.

Following these facts, the medical team reported at least 5 people with injuries and open wounds to the head and multiple injuries to the back and limbs. One of these people lost consciousness for a short moment. Many people are in shock following the violence’s.

In addition, three protesters were injured from rubber bullets and grenades thrown by the police. They have various injuries to the legs and arms. Several protesters also testify stone throwing not only by the security guards but also by the police.

In fact, most protesters consistently maintained an ambivalent attitude regarding the actions of the militia of the ANDRA. Relying on these mercenaries to do the “dirty work”, the police forces have repeatedly retreated and let the militia groups to act freely and only intervened to arrest the attacked protesters. Four protesters were placed in custody.

For this release, we want to denounce the intolerable nature of these serious violence’s by the private militia of ANDRA and the barely hidden complicity with the gendarmerie. We condemn the presence of armed and violent groups creating such a climate of terror on behalf of ANDRA.

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