Callout for a Permanent Artistic Insurrection

Artistic insurrection, now !

Artists from all horizons, we are waiting for you on February 18, the days before and all the days that will come after to give colours, forms, movement and life to our resistance ! Let the art be struggle, and the struggle be art, and that the sad corruption that ANDRA is doing find its disavowal in our collective crea(c)tion !

Bure. In the Meuse department.
One morning where the Sun is shining on the ground, wet of the night before.


Dear friends,

On August 14, 2016, we broke down the wall. The wall of shame that the ANDRA, the national agency of unmanageable nucleocrats, tried to erect around the Lejuc Wood. This Wood that the ANDRA wants to raze to build their drainage wells. This Wood that we won’t let them kill.

And on August 14, 2016, the wall went down ! We danced on his ruins, made our voices, our steps, ours arms resonate on its rusty pipes. Since then, we occupy the Forest to block this insane project, and every day we find out that inspiration and imagination are not ceasing to be reborn. Creativity has found its place again, in every detail of the Forest, in our constructions, when we are climbing, and by the reappropriation of parts of the Bure de Merlin*, which became slogans and symbols!    *(Wall of Bure, a play on words with “Wall of Berlin” [Mur de Berlin] and a “merlin” which is like a big hammer we used to broke the wall)

The breach into the authoritarian plans of the ANDRA opens a path towards a more lively, a more intense reality, that we now invite you to appropriate on your own.

Especially, on the 18th February, a big mobilization against the CIGEO project will be held. Program : demonstration and actions in the direction of the Lejuc Wood, concerts in the evening, and call to an artistic insurrection.

Artists from all horizons, musicians of all kinds, come and make the liberated forest vibrate. Graffiti artists, acrobats, builders, theater people, puppeteers, fire breathers, dancers, pirate artists, painters or sculptors, and more, you are all invited to Bure to let your imagination run wild. Form is free, you can come few days before, with already prepared projects or to organize during the demonstration, performances in the trees, on the ground, in the air…

Come and turn over the walls! Make the Lejuc Wood an open air anti-museum, living image of art as a form of life, as a form of action, as a form of resistance.

The Owls of Bure


Flyers and posters, feel free to spread it out  :

tract A5tract A4Poster

(original version : tract A5 frenchtract A4 frenchPoster french)


Bonus! A video we made this summer during the fall of the Bure Wall :

À Bure-les-bains, on bois Lejuc sans modération !