The Anarchist Bure Cross (ABC)

The birth of Anarchist Bure Cross 

” The generalization of surveillance, using at the same time, throughhout the social body, Its ability to punish and eduquate, aims to become a generalized function.”

Michel Foucault – Discipline and punish

The ’Anarchist Black Cross (ABC) is an anarchist network created to support prisonners. It was born in the begining of the 20th century, supporting at this time many anarchist prisonners in Russia. Since then, the ABC grew and became a groups network, sharing and spread to all prisonner.

The ABC strives for the abolition of all prison and is against all social policies of coercive and punitive control. First and foremost, this take shape by being solidary with prisonners, by breaking the jail isolation by creating links, through writtings or visiting rooms, by mobilizing people through actions and events, by writting on individual or collective situations in prisons, by discussing fundamental questionning, and creating debates and exchanges on prison and incarceration issues.

Why an Anarchist Bure Cross ?

While the judicial consequences of the mobilization in Bure are showing up, and the social movement against the Loi Travail generated many trials conducting to the incarceration of approximately 30 people in France, and the immigration politics and the internal security environment are strenghtening everyday in french and european politics, It is crucial to organize solidarity in the face of police and legal repression.

Because sentences are being heavier everyday, touching poor and stranger people, and muslim, prisons are filling up and new ones are about to be built. With immediate appearences, the expeditious justice normalized and generalized, and some politician, using the anti-terrorist devices argument, would like to make special courts come back, whereas the state of emergency has already shown Its repressive nature. Therefore, many people are sent behing bars our under house arrests.

The bad conditions of incarceration and the raise of isolation internal devices create punishment and isolation. One of the repression coercive forces is to rely on isolation. Under house arrest or in jail, isolation breaks the mind and tires the body.

First and foremost, the struggle against prisons is a struggle against this isolation, aiming to create a link into the walls, between prisonners and us.

With the Anarchist Bure Cross, we want to share our daily lives, our readings, our writings with prisonners, and to echo thoughts and feelings of those who are behind bars. We also want to fight out of these walls, against those who are making them possible. Because fighting inside have a price and might make penalties time longer, and because we have more freedom of speech and movement than they have.

The Anarchist Bure Cross comes from the will to create a link beetween the struggle and Its repressive consequences, and therefore between the struggle space and our social place, and so betwenn detention and retention, and also so that we can see that the anti nuclear struggle is first a struggle against capitalism, and that prisonners are those of this system the police and justice are defending.

Being in a city with thousand of inhabitants and prisonners, retention centers, prisons, or in a 96 inhabitants village located 100 kilometers from these prisons does not change anything to the fact there are prisonners and a system that make their reality possible.

In Bure, but also elsewhere, we want to be solidary, and this is the reason why we have created the Anarchist Bure Cross.

The Anarchist Bure Cross

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