After june 16th let’s continue in Bure

You had a wonderful day of discussion and demo the 16 ? But the party is not over yet ! Demonstrating in Bar le Duc is nice but taking care of the struggle against CIGEO directly where it is happening as well. It is why we decided to organise an after of the 16 which will take lots of faces.

We will start the sunday 17 with some discussions the morning in Bar <<Le Juc>> and a concert the evening in bure.

Then there will be a big week-end of workshops from wednesday 20 to sunday 24 taking place in the different living and struggling places around Bure. If for the moment we don’t live in the Bois Lejuc we are still developping other places to live and organize. Some words on what we want to make from this divided by themes.

In the nexts months, ANDRA could start to build the railway that will bring the nuclear waste or send big machines to cut the Wood, so we propose somes workshop to organise our resistance.

  • medic workshop
  • activist clown workshop
  • climbing workshop
  • preparing ourselves for custody

Cause we know that resisting to this big, shitty project they want to impose will be on a long term. we propose workshop to take care of ourselves

  • herbalist (gathering and preparing plant)
  • gardening
  • repairing Bike
  • theorical and parctical workshop on how to get better and support each others after repression
  • computer self-defense
  • discussion about the next step of the stuggle

And cause we want to party and to bond with each others. We propose some creative times to prepare or not the big party with an open scene of the 23.

  • rap Workshop
  • clown workshop
  • improvisation workshop
  • drums workshop

A bit of legal information :

The blue team is getting very active around here. there is not a day without people and cars getting searched. Cops cannot search cars or peoples neither ask for passengers ids in cars without a “rĂ©quisition” for the precise time and place. There are annoying so the least we can do is annoy them. BUT THEY WILL NOT PREVENT US FROM HAVING FUN AND STRGGLING AGAINST CIGEO AND ITS WORLD !

A bit of logistic information :

Of course we have places to sleep in sleepings or to put your tent and a cooking team.