Call for a gathering to support the trials of May 23rd in Bar-le-Duc

During the 2 trials of 6 accused each, 11 owls will face the judge on May 23rd, starting at 2pm at Bar-le-Duc’s tribunal.

Hear ye, hear ye, all ye who pass by,

Activists of all kinds and from all lands,

Peasant militant and militant peasant,

We are pleased to annonce that the big fair will settle down on May 23rd in Bar-le-Duc.

With our fabulous perfomances and curiosities, our incredible games and workshop, we will bend over backwards to amuse you ! Be part of the show, proposing your own workshop or animation or coming with your music instrument. You will enjoy the taste of the delicious crepes and the musical amusements, as well as the molkeuf crazy stand ! You will be , impressed, amazed, blinded, mind-blowed…

We shall not forget the goofy show of the trial’s cabinet of the curiosities.To achieve this, you need first to cross sucessfully the terrifying Hall of Mirrors.

Sensitive people, be careful ! You might prefer joining our homemaking vegan sushi stand.

P.S : Exessive militant actions are bad for State control, revolt without reserve. This is not a message from the Ministry of Interior.

To propose a workshop/animation, you can write to or even come directly with it.