Touristic visit of the Bois Lejuc for 3000€

We heard about the new touristic attraction in Meuse : the Bois Lejuc that you can visit for 500€ per hour (according to a new interesting juridic document you get a fine of 5000€ for every hour you spend in the forest).

we through that for this price it maybe worth visiting it. We started our walk passing by the big oak. The cabin is still there but the increase in price did go together with a decrease of altitude of the cabin and it doesn’t seem to be that comfortable to sleep there anymore.




no trace of the road left

while continuing our luxurious walk we saw that the Andra is removing the roads they had build themselves less than 2 years ago and that have never been used by vehicles. But don’t worry if you are interested in visiting the forest by car, Andra will probably rebuild the same roads in the following months.






by the way the village of Bonnet is also building a road in the wood just besides so il looks as if building and removing roads was a highly appreciated activity in this area.

In some places where the vegetation had managed to recover after Andra had illegally deforested, they now restore it aiming at the state right after the cutting without any plants.






Possibly in order to justify the cost of visiting the forest, Andra choose to add some touristic attractions by building new mountains with the gravel of the road.






Shortly after, we have been able to see that indeed there has been some vandals in the forest after the eviction.




We weren’t able to enjoy the quietness of the forest because of the constant noise of jeep-engeins, what a shame for that price!

we just have a picture of they track

But to compensate for the fact that so far the visit was mostly disappointing we saw some of the forest animals : two horses from la garde republicaine ( fancy French military unit) with nice shining neon yellow jackets ( and cops with a matching outfit). We have been so dazzled by their grace and their jackets that we forget to take pictures.






we had a hard time leaving the forest because a barricade made of big stones was blocking the way ( the new occupiers of the forest are building more solid barricades than the ones before).

This visit should have cost 3000€ for the two of us but unfortunately we didn’t find the cashing place. We would have asked you to send us the bill but you have destroy our mailbox while destroying vigie sud.

entering in the forest at 2 cost 1000€

1 hours after it is 2000€

now it is 3000€