Tuesday, day two after the inter-committee weekend in and around Mandres-en-Barrois (Region: Meuse).


Bar le Duc, the district around the court is occupied by the CRS (police).

In the morning there’s a trial against a person, accused of carrying a “cake-spoon” and 2 knifes. The prosecutor asked for 2 month of prison on parole. The court will decide on the 24th of april.


In the afternoon there’s a pretrial against a friend arrested on Sunday. He refused to get an immediate trial. The prosecutor asked to keep him until the trial, but the judge decided to put him under juridical control and to forbid him to come in “Meuse” until his trial.

The trial will be the 04th of April.


The six other friends caught on Sunday are released throughout the afternoon, after 48 hours in custody. The trial against them will be on the 23rd of Mai at 14h in Bar le Duc.


Throughout the day, many of us were there, to support our friends.


News from the Forest:

Continuously, trucks are leaving the forest ; protected by the police and carrying wood and pieces of the wall.