Saturday, first day of the inter-committee weekend in and around Mandres-en-Barrois (Region: Meuse).

In the Morning the people that slept in the House of Resistance in Bure went in some kind of demonstration to Mandres without problems (it was forbidden by the prefecture to have any kind of demonstration in the region).

The police installed itself in the villages around, making the siege, which is anyway in place since the eviction, heavier than before.

Few hours of inter-committee discussions took place in the Barn of the new house, switching between assembly and small-group discussions. At least 10 existing committees and 11 committees in construction took part in the discussions.

After the discussion time, people prepared themselves for the demo in direction of the “bois Lejuc”, which is the formerly occupied forest, evicted 9 days before. There was the proposal from part of the people to build a watch-point next to the former south-barricade, on a field owned by a friend. Something not really illegal.

The police left some of their positions in Mandres, so the way out of the village in direction of the forest was free. A few hundred people left the village on the path leading directly to the forest. Many people wearing masks, but also carrying parts of the watchtower, shields and reinforced banners.

On the crossroad between former south-barricade, Bure and Mandres the gendarmerie deployed itself, blocking the path to the forest and to the field for the watch-point. They had a water-cannon and something around 100-200 cops were there. A helicopter was circling in the air.

Before reaching the gendarmerie-forces, the demo stopped and spread in direction of the south-east part of the forest. Carrying the parts of the watch-point, people weren’t really fast/mobile. The Gendarmes reorganized their forces, forming a line, blocking the people from going in direction of the forest. People tried to break through with shields and reinforced banners but get pushed back by the gendarmes, using tonfas and teargas.

Small clashes took place at different points, but the gendarmerie-forces were way to heavy and managed to push the people back to the path, continuously using teargas.

So the demo moved back in direction of Mandres, with the gendarmes following behind, forming a line 20-40 meters away, on the east-side of the demo. On the half way back, part of the demo attacked the gendarmes walking on the side, resulting in more teargas being shot and the gendarmes leaving a bigger distance with the demo.

The demo came back to Mandres. The gendarmerie took back their positions in/around the village, putting the siege back in place.

Some owls from Bure and the surroundings.