In the Aveyron too, the Andra is hiding in a tunnel!


News from friends of the Amassada in the Aveyron. Meanwhile we were taking for a walk the riot cops in the fields and the discussion of the committees kept going on, last sunday, some owls visited the nucleocrates at one of their experimentations sites!

The story of this action:

In Tournemire (south of Aveyron) this sunday 4th of March, we were 30 to come and show our support to the Bure’s comrades in their struggle against the CIGEO project. The site was not chosen randomly: this is an IRSN site (the institute for radioprotection and nuclear security) hidden in an old railway tunnel. This underground lab participates at the nucleocrate logical, because it is on of the four european sites that is welcoming this kind of experiences. They give back to ANDRA counter-expertises about the technical feasibility of the nuclear wastes burying under chalky rocks. Here, we are not fools: the industrial windmills participates of the same fabricated world by the energeticians and the green transition won’t save us from the ressources shortage of the planet. We don’t want a “smart apocalypse”. Solidarity with Bure and the other struggles on the territory!


Long live the decentralized actions! Give a look at it, there is probablye an ANDRA or IRSN site near your home!

More photos and infos on the struggle on the Amassada site.