The Dijon-Bure cabin was taken during the eviction

With regrets, we announce you that a large part of the Dijon-Bure cabin was in the Lejuc wood when the riot cops evicted it Thursday 22nd of February. Planks, structure, cladding, rooftop sheet metal… Everything was stolen, destroyed by ANDRA’s bulldozers in the same time they were methodically razing the other cabins at Barricade Nord, Vigie Sud et Vigie Sud-Est.
More than the days devoted to construction, this is ours lives, ours energies and our struggle overall that the nuclear State wanted to break in this destructive operation.
Don’t be shy, the hit was hard. Seeing this cabin being razed, the owls loosing the places they’ve built and inhabited for one year and a half and knowing that 2 friends are in jail now hurt us and let us marked.
But there is a thing that the State has not broken. In the forest or in the construction sites, by the meetings, the joy and the shared reality, the links, the techniques and the thoughts have been anchored, have been refined. And since then, the struggle can get an even madder turn.
We launch a call to all the antinuclear and to the committees to organize for reinforcing the struggle against CIGEO and the ANDRA by tangible initiatives on the territories of Bure and everywhere else. We got the plans and the picture of this cabin in our memory, we still have 2000€ of donations that we received for the construction (total 3500€). This story is not over!
See you soon!
The Dijon-Bure Committee