An escorted walk in the wood

An escorted walk in the wood on Monday afternoon


Today, thanks to a permission to walk around the Bois Lejuc for 24 hours, some friends could walk « freely » ( that is after an id check and escorted by the police) on the roman road  near the Bois Lejuc. The new prefectoral decree , which bans every circulation begins on Tuesday 27th at 6 am until the 5th of March.

We could observe near the forest and took pictures. We could seen the damage made by machines on the living places in the forest.  In the south, we couldn’t see anything left of the barricades. In the Souht-East, the site has been cleared  from all previous constructions. In the north, huts remain piled up around the roman road.

Picture: South entrance of the forest

Pisture: Military trucks driving in private fields on the edge of the forest.

Picture: Towars the north, marks on the ground and on certain trees were observed.

Picture: Empty meadow where used to be the South-Easth Barricade

Picture: Big rocks were brought in the north entrance of the forest.

Picture: That’s what is left from the North Barricade. Ruins of the cabins are piled on the side of the road.