We are here, we will be there !

Despite Muriel Nguyen, Meuse prefect, and Sébastien Lecornu, secretary of State, swaggering yesterday in the Lejuc Wood (Le Bois Lejuc) surrounded by the cameras of BFM TV, boasting that the eviction was coming to an end and that the woods were finally ready to receive the worst wastes of the nuclear sector. The owls of Bure took advantage of darkness to rebuild their nests at the top of the trees.


Yesterday, they told the tale of how they evicted the Lejuc Wood. Today we greet you from the canopy. #Bure #BoisLejuc pic.twitter.com/RtVd6PoGfH

— Les ZIRAdiéEs (@ZIRAdies) 23 feb2018


They thought they would take us down with this blitz, by means of drone, helicopter and bulldozer… But we are still here. We will not hibernate. We will resist. Always and forever.


In Fall 2012, Operation César was trying to put an end to the Zad in Notre-Dame-Des-Landes. In one day, the police destroyed several living areas, thinking they would therefore stifle the protest. They actually were stepping on a fire. Indignation only grew stronger.


We are going to do everything in our power to make Bure their new Operation César. Crowd gatherings everywhere in France yesterday are witness of our determination.


We urge our friends and everyone who can relate to what is happening here to make their way to the Lejuc Wood.


Contact Press +337.