Eviction of a treehouse

2:13 pm – One treehouse has been evicted. The friends are freed. They are tired but well. Call to converge to the House right now to organize a collective departure towards the forest to go support the people who are still in the trees.

1:46 pm – The six persons who were blocked are now released. No news from the treehouses for now.

12:30 pm – Six people blocked by the cops under one of the two treehouses, they got their ID checked.

10:30 am – A second group is getting prepared to go to the forest.

A group is going to the forest at 8am to support the friends in the treehouses and to bring them first necessities.

10:20 am – Phone call from the second treehouse; the police are preparing for eviction, the ropes are already up.

Friends are reporting 2 firefighters, 3 climbing cops, 3 or 4 riot cops and 3 high ranked, namely commander Dubois.

9:40 am – The group arrives to the second treehouse. This time, around twenty cops are present. We distinguish different units; climbers, riot cops, commanders and firefighters. They stay at the bottom of the tree, come closer to the group and make them go back. The group manages to talk with the people in the tree, but won’t be able to give them the bags with food. Other riot cops arrive and escort the group outside of the wood, holding flashball (rubber bullets) guns.

9:00 am – The group arrives to the first tree. A police truck is parked underneath, two riot cops get out. The group divides in two. One part is making diversion, the other one is bringing a bag to the friends up in the tree.

It went well to bring first necessities to the treehouses this morning. We discover the militaries are using our homemade rocket stoves to get warmth. The forest is still occupied. We know it super well and invite everyone to join for walks and to support the friends who are forced to get down. We will climb back!