Report from the Legal Team two days after the eviction

Following the eviction of the Lejuc wood and the House of Resistance raid Thursday morning:

  • The police made 32 arrests for identity check.

  • 5 people were taken into custody for various reasons, ranging from outrage to rebellion. A person was quickly released without charge because they couldn’t identify him/her. 4 people were released after 20 to 24 hours of custody. For the moment, 3 of them are summoned to the tribunal of Bar-le-Duc on June 12th at 9am. One for outrage and rebellion, one for violence.
  • 2 friends were brought for immediate trial Friday afternoon in Bar-le-Duc after the custody. The two used their right to refuse to be judged on the spot and were jailed in Nancy’s prison until their trial on March 19 at 3pm in Bar-le-Duc. One for rebellion and refusal to give DNA + fingerprint. The other one for violence against an holder of public authority; deterioration of property by explosive substance and refusal to give DNA + fingerprints.

Rage from Bure.