Testimony – Destruction of the North Barricade

Some owls witnessed the destruction of the North Barricade.

When we arrived closed to the barricade, around 9 in the morning, the police was already deployed, the bulldozer was running but the destruction hadn’t started yet. When we arrived they turned off the machine and followed a long face to face between the cops and us. After 20 minutes facing each others, more police vehicles came in reinforcement and they restarted the machine of destruction. So, we got closer to the barricade. We could do nothing but face reality, with a tight heart, without believing what we saw – and taking a maximum of images. We could not take a video of the destruction of the kitchen of the Future, because storage space was running out on the camera. It collapsed with incredible majesty, with its disco ball still hanging up.

We have no words to describe what we felt and what represents the destruction of this place we loved so much.

More pictures and videos will follow.

We keep strong.