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The 20th of october : an eviction rehearsal ?

Because of mistakes made on vmc about the « police pressure » of the 20th we want to bring to the light a few important facts and the intensity of this moment. Last friday we have lived the most important attack on the forest since the eviction of the 7th of july 2016. This text is an alarm call for a lasting intensification of the resistance, especially in the forest and on the barricades.

It wasn’t simply a way to « put pressure » on us

The GM (gendarmes mobiles, a military corps for maintaing order) arrived at night, just before dawn, driving slowly with their lights out. Thanks to a light on vigie sud (south watch) we suddenly distinguished many cars around us. At this point they were fifty meters away, taking our roadblocks off the way. We quickly stopped counting the cars to sound the alarm and set fire to the first barricade on the road. Fifty GM with full armor and shields formed a line in front of it. While defending owls held the front against them, others went toward the east to prevent a surrounding maneuver. They spotted GM trying to penetrate the wood through the bushes and burned another barricade to stop them. After half an hour of fierce resistance the military retreated.

The number of GM and the surrounding tactics lead us to think they had at least the intention of arresting people. Whether it is or not a rehearsal for the eviction of the wood’s occupants, a new level has been reached in their strategy.

Andra’s project is stuck in a juridic entanglement and it faces a setback due to the environmental impact of the CIGEO project. Its allies in the Préfecture (the state’s departmental representant especially for maintaining order) have chosen to answer with threats and violence.

We need all your support to build and defend barricades, to live in the forest, do the automedia. We also need support from afar, financial and material, as well as decentralized actions against Andra and its allies.

Thank you for diffusing this text !

Contact : sauvonslaforet at

Infos :

After the police searches, our General Assembly calls for the creation of Bure support committees everywhere !

On September 23rd, about sixty people from all the components of the struggle met for the the general assembly of the movement against the nuclear dump and its world, and in reaction to the police searches which happened three days before. What was thoroughly violated by the police on that day wasn’t only two collective and three private life spaces shared by opponents. It was our lives, our intimacies, our relationships and our diversity. To see and hear cops demolish doors and break into our dormitories wearing riot gear, weapons in their hands, was quite a shock: it took all the solidarity among ourselves and from our outside supporters, from locals and activists, to overcome it.

This is why we were so moved by all the meetings that took place from that day on. Moved, also, by how people are willing to create support and action committees. This search has turned back against those who organized it, because the tremendous wave of support and donations that followed has united us and given us more courage to oppose the gigantic powers of nuclear industry.

Our struggle doesn’t only aim at saving some rural area from the first class burial which nuclear industry has to offer. It extends to everyone. The CIGEO project in Meuse is the State’s last hope to gain time when it is faced by the inexorable accumulation of radioactive waste. By blocking it, we are questioning the very existence of the entire industry, from uranium extraction in Niger and Gabon, to nuclear factories, to the final dump. And we are more generally questionning the State’s violence against all form of life.

Every person who feels concerned can join the struggle from where they live, by creating if they so wish a local committee, to build a solidarity network. So that the nuclear institution will be attacked wherever it exists, and that everywhere there can be support parties, infotours, actions against nucleocrates and their subcontractors (Vinci, Eiffage, EDF, Areva, Biotope…). Unleash your imagination!

We invite you on the week end of October 21st/22nd to come to Bure: On Saturday 21st to meet with all the local support committees and on Sunday 22nd to build a welcome house in the freed forest! To survive winter, all construction/water and weather proofing materials are welcome. Other meetings will follow.

If you want to spread the struggle or create a local committee, send a contact (and even a text if you want!) to the list, and register on the list.

You can als come visit us, for two days or a year, to reinforce the local struggle and forest occupation. And lets create common places and take our stolen lives back everywhere!

We shall never be atomized !


Bure General Struggle Assembly on September 23rd