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URGENT – Police search in BZL, the Station and several private houses


Hey Everyone

Live from Bure, France where house raids have taken place this morning.  The cops seized pratically the whole office in the house of resistance in Bure, including the photocopier (luckily they didn’t take our cat though) and loads of other stuff.  Windows were smashed, doors forced, one person detained, habitants intmidated, police checks, houses quite far from Bure also raided and people were asked questions about their private life.

All this reminds of all the time we’ve spent fighting against this project at least they haven’t talked/used terrorists in their definition of the raid

Right now, we’re feeling fragile, vunerable, shocked.  Even though it’s a shock we’ve been waiting for this day for months.  Although we did’t really expect it even though we’ve been living with the police occupation around here for a while now.  To see them come into places where we live, our intimate spaces, searching bedrooms, caravans, vans, office, moving everything around with their dirty hands.

When we see the strategy of tension used to isolate and tire people out in Bure, decentralised support is now crucial and decisive more than ever

We call out to you, where ever you are, via ZAD groups, or any other initiative, to organise support gatherings from tonight or in the next few days, in front of the préfecture.  To show our resistance and to have solidarity with one another.  To continue to build up the movement, in Bure and everywhere to refuse to be atomised in every way.

Paris has started to organise things you just need to follow!

==> Contact sauvonslaforet at to let us know if you are calling for an action in your city and to send us pictures of it! We will need support more and more in days, weeks and months to come!  <==

update 3:30pm – 12 support gatherings/demos will be held all over France tonight at 6pm



There were many actions organized on the 20th (cf french website for a list), and more to come:

  • St Lo on Septembe 30th,  against the EPR… and to support Bure.
  • A New York ACDN support text here :


The cops stole a lot of things in the Huse of Resistance. We are in desperate need for:

  • IT material: screens, central units, notebooks, keyboards, etc… e : écrans, unités centrales, claviers, PC portables, etc.
  • copy/scanning/printing machine
  • more to follow

And here is a link to the founding campaign if you can donate money:

Un appel à soutien financier est lancé !

INFO THREAD of Wednesday, September 20th



Since 6:20am cops have been searching the House of Resistance (BZL) as well as the Station in Lumeville, a private appartment in Commercy,one in Mandres and one near Verdun. About 150 cops.

in the House of Resistance they said the judge gave them permission to search in relation with the investigation on the Hotel action in June.

They destroyed the (open) door to enter and broke all the windows and the windows of every truck and trailer parked there. They took everyone’s identity. They have at least one dog.

About 15 cops, a prosecutor and drug dogs at the Station. The judge gave them a warrant for drugs.

In Commercy, they came at 6am with 15 cops and took a computer, a hard drive and a cell phone.

In Mandres, they confiscated books about legal defense to justify the operation.

A lot of roadblocks and controls everywhere.


Several people are interrogated around and in the House. One arrest. The cops are taking a lot of things in the office and the tool shed.

Another house being searched in the north of Meuse, cell phones and computers confiscated, personal questions asked about the family of the person.

In BZL, our (in)famous Commander Bruno Dubois is present.

A good hundred cops in Bure at 6am…


A person was arrested, probably because they didn’t have papers.

The search seems to be almost over everywhere except in the House.The cops have taken almost everything in the office,computers, printer etc… It is a massive seizure.

No more news of people inside the House and nobody is allowed in.

One person arrested for rebellion.


The police search is almost over. A lot of people are in shock, some had to remain in their bedroom/trailer for up to 10hours while the cops were searching.

The arrested person has been released.


More informations, analysis and testimonies to come. One more provocation to bully the opposition to the nuclear dump, as usual. One more failed attempt to hide all the failures of this terrible project and to try and divide and isolate us.Let us hope it has the opposite effect and brings us more solidarity than ever to bring ANDRA down for good!
==> We are calling for support actions in days to come everywhere! Contact sauvonslaforet at to let us know if you are calling for an action in your city and to send us pictures of it! We will need support more and more in days, weeks and months to come!  <==