Neolithic, when Andra hits a snag

In October, November and December 2015 we did stand against the preventative excavations the Andra made on the 300 hectares around nowaday’s Lab. at this time we were only a derisory handful of people facing the machines stripping the fields with large ditches in the prospected fields…

A few months later, in spring 2016, more detailed plans began to draw the project of settling a complex of buildings in the explored areas, characterized as “area to urbanize”. to put it in a nutshell,  the settling of stores meant to get the neighbors used to come buy theres bare necessities products to the nearer supply point in a 15 to 20 km radius. becoming unavoidable, that’s what andra calls “social suitablity”

It’s without a doubt after they took knowledge of the excavations results, in the current of 2016, that the agency may told itself that they had a sizeable thorn in the side of their area to urbanise: those bloody Neolithic era humans have had the bad taste of installing their living places in this very place, 5 000 years ago! and, true to its use of turning to its advantage what can harm it, there you see Andra releasing from the 8th of october 2016 to the 2nd of july 2017 an exposure for children on archeology, cunningly entitled “Archeo, an expo to be dug”… as Cigeo is, in the end.

As such we read in the flyer of the expo thrown out by the communication and dialog service: ” preventative archeology allows to ensure the preservation of the archeological patrimony when under a threat from construction projects, such as a railway…” or a nuclear Dump…

Preservation? That’s a point our archeologist friends that mobilised in 2008 to denounce the threats on their profession doesn’t quite agree with, as they are more and more obliged to dig holes before the construction market Giants machines, without being given neither the time nor the means to analyse them: “get out, we layout!”. Three weeks ago a petition coming from archeologists was released to denounce the recommendation from the ministry of culture’s subdirection for archeology (SDA), which juged excessive the excavations planned for the neolithic ruins  discovered around today’s technical center.

Still, according to the petition signatories, it would be nothing less but one of the Biggest closed neolithic site dug out in France, one that could give new elements of information of this era. Andra is hiding behind the recommendation the SDA and is very careful not to advertise on an Archeologic treasure that could have well been in its exposition, instead of the preventative excavations of 1999, which are the only mentioned in their expo flyer. that being said,given the spread of the discovered site, one can’t keep her/himself from asking if the 1999 excavations could have been a little expeditous and how many bones and anphorae has whisked away.

Archeo, a past to recover

Another manifestation of this sudden and subjective passion Andra had for archeology, this conférence of last 11th of may in Joinville, about the conservation of wood objects using radioactivity, organized together by Andra and the Nucle-Art workshop (attached to… the Atomic and alternative energies commisision!) out of the fact that it was the occasion to link archeology and nuclear power, with this elliptical shortcut skill proper to nuclear industry, the event was also a good exemple of social suitablity aiming the locals. In a town suffering from the non-recognition of its medieval patrimony, desertification and pauperization, Andra does not fail, organizing conferences in the splendide hall of Joinville’s auditorium,to remember to the people from where comes the money flowing opportunely on Meuse and Haute-Marne’s cultural programs (176 318 euros from the Meuse/ Haute-Marne site as direct patronage for 2016, from which 15500 for Joinville only).

After the first conference has been interrupted by us, a second one happened the last 15th of June, this time directly inside the lab, with Laurent Flutsch, a humorist and archeologist, director of the roman Museum of Lausanne, that tries to imagine, in his humoristic conference, what would be the archeology in the future, in 2000 years. Certainly not what Andra makes people imagine by some art competitions It organized the past few years about the preservation of the memory of burried nuclear wastes : on the contrary, It is very likely that the future archeologists will diagnose leukemia and some irradiated scandals when searching in Its contaminated holes willed to posterity !

Not satisfied with writing the future of a territory, Andra would like to practise the favourite activity of hardened politician and partisan historians : changing the past by spotlighting what is the best for It, for truncating what is bad for Its reputation. But the historian of tomorrow will remember one thing : when searching under the irradiated vestiges of a project with a sad historical memory, he will realize that a breathtaking neolithic site could have been discovered 2000 years before, if some unscrupulous and corrupt nucleocrats of the 21th century would have not mortgaged the historical patrimony of the humanity for a giant and shameful garbage.

On the 14th and 15th of August 2017, past and future will protest together against the CIGEO project : we’ll reinforce our determination to preserve the Lejuc wood against the ANDRA by spending all together the 14th of August there ; but also by showing symbolically our support to the archeologists, whose discovery work usually ends drowned under the construction industry’s giant projects.