Info thread July 2017

July 25th: Music has charms to soothe the savage breast

July 25th, all is so quiet and peaceful in Bure, except the regular and endless healthy walk of the police. Therefore, a friend decided to sit on the road to play accordion and sing for us and the drivers passing by, offering a scene where our proud gendarmes, to make sure they will still be able to drive in front of our house as many times as before, came with percussions with 3 cars to deal with this very difficult situation.

Our happy friend keeps singing and playing, disregarding them. Nevertheless, the police keeps insisting : as the lady has to get out of the road for her own safety, they won’t move until she does first. This road does not seem to be anything else but a private road for mass police transit, watched by the so familiar helicopter.

As they don’t get any other answer but beautiful songs, they decide to take the musician to the police station in order to check her identity.

Well… It seems that for the police, “public road” means “military road reserved to the gendarmes”.

July 23th: Ring around the rosy (first experiment).

The love for science thus have no limit. after he yesterday mesured the exact frequency of police rotations, professor Marie-Pierre Abidou and his team watched all day long for viable experiment subjects. the aime of the day? studying their reaction facing a visual swinging stimulus, in this case a merry-go-round pompom.

To try and make them participate more willingly to the experiment, the protocol foresaw the attribution of a free tour to those who would catch the toy. without success. police once again distinguished itself with a boorish clumsiness that recalls the one of the prefecture. militarize more and more, day after day, a territory already sickened by the contempt they’ve treated with since the beginnings of CIgéo, is it objectively a good idea. that is to be seen.

From there, the Professor and his colleagues doesn’t throw in the sponge and will restart their experiments tomorrow.

July 22th: report from the IRSN-POP

On the express mandate of the LOL commission, the IRSN-POP* has been tasked with resolution of the blue-motorized wildlife overcrowding problem in south-meusian territory. After meticulous censuses, Professor and president of the institution Marie-Pierre Abidou presented today alarming results : 39 patrols (here are the studded specimens) the 21th of july between 6 Am and 9 Pm, and already 35 as we write, that is to say 1 patrol each 23 minutes (722 µHz). A result way over the seasonal rates. After he explained the futures risks with his colleague’s (and nevertheless friend) A. Pellist (see picture), the greatman announced under the hurrahs the setting up of a few experimental protocols to find out the most suitable solution. The nobel price isn’t far.

( description of the grap: title: Number of patrols; vertical line, from top to bottom: too much, state of emeregency, coming inssurection; horizontal line: before, later, tomorrow; 13.12 appendix.)

*French acronym for the Ridiculous Intervention of Naturalist Saving – for Pigs Observation.


July 20th : 15th of August : they support us !

To answer Mr Hulot, who said some days ago in “Ouest France” :

” Through years of nuclear production, we have accumulated a big number of radioactive wastes… What do we do ? Do we throw them in the sea or in the space ? They won’t disapear by magic… We’ll need to do something with them. My work is to make sure the storage is done under conditions of absolute safety. Then, this experience should make us think more about nuclear issues. My vision of our civilization is not those of a humanity who have wastes and delegate them to the future generations. I don’t want to rush. People would like me to take all the decisions and proceed on an emergency basis ; but It won’t be the case. I want to check and deal with all informations we have before deciding. “

We wanted to get back to all the great memories we had with Nicolas Hulot and call with his help to come to Bure on the 15th of August for a unforgettable demonstration :

July 19th : Ecotopia Bike tour

From the 10 to the 16th of July, the cyclists of the Ecotopia Bike Tour stopped over in Bure. On the 13th of July, they got the opportunity to move around with the Bure Haleurs (activists artists and musicians invested in the struggle against CIGEO)

While they were riding in front of the ANDRA, they’ve been controlled by some mobile gendarmes getting out of their truck. We’ve also been told that a journalist was there.

And then, the repression appeared.

After being controlled, our cheerful friends sang a few songs, and ride on their bike close to the gendarmes… As a consequence, they received fees by the gendarme adjudent : 2 for each of the Bure Haleurs’ members.

See you soon !

July 18th : Saruman, go home !

We received this video made by the habitants vigilants de Gondrecourt(the watchul Gondrecourt inhabitants : an association aiming to informand sensibilize people about the CIGEO project) where we can see theents driving the ANDRA and Syndièze out of Meuse. What a coincidence, when we’ve just been told that the authorization request of CIGEO, initaly planed for 2018 is postponed by one year ! One year late : this is a great victory for us. We are still determined to fight, through occupations and legal recourses, until they give up !

Here the press release of the Burestop coordination :

The CIGEO project postponed by a year : and then ?


The opponents are asking for an immediate cessation. The ANDRA confessed to be under a tight deadline to finish Its safety file; nevertheless, nothing can hide the serious defect of the industrial conception of CIGEO. The opposition, on the other hand, is not to be divided and won’t weaken. Its community expertise’s ability
being not to be proved anymore.

Everything has gone wrong for the ANDRA !

In spite of what has been said by Pierre-Marie Abadie (the director of the ANDRA) in an interview, the last notice of the IRSN (“Institut de Radioprotection et de Sûreté Nucléaire” : Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety ) prefigure the begining of important hazards. The national comission of risk assesment (CNE : Commission nationale d’évaluation) postponed the publication of its report n°11 in autumn, instead of June as expected. Is there a need to take some time or would It be too dangerous to present It now ? The more the project is
becoming clear, the less the official leadership bodies can hide the reality the opponents keep denouncing for years : a deep geological disposal facility for highly radioactive wastes can just fail !
What will be the position of the ASN (“L’Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire” : the Authority of Nuclear Safety) on the safety features suggested by the ANDRA so far and to come ?

One more year that won’t change anything, as the idea of an underground storage is by itself doomed.

In 2011, the American “Institute for Energy and Environemental Researches (IEER) warned the optimism shown by the ANDRA was excessive and its calendar unrealistic.  In 2012, an independent expert studied the files on the clay of 2005 and 2009 and concluded the CIGEO project is unrealistic and incorrectly conceived. According to him, burrying as much radioactivity underground, that requires  permanent ventilation, put together all the elements of a disaster. what a year can change, meaningless regarding the proofs? announcing the progressive putting to work or not of Cigeo in 2026 isn’t a communication effect designed to reassure us in vain?

Do we need to go any further? Stop

Following the exemple of other “craftsmans” of big nuclear projects doomed to failure (superphénix generator, EPR reactor),Andra looks like riding for a fall. Cigéo already burn one billion and a half euros in its lab phase. EDF try to minimise the bill (from 25 to 40 billons ?) playing on its architecture’s optimisation, because the crates are empty.
those project dangerously burden the hole country’s economical future. to which point will the population accept to bear the consequences of absurd policies running strait into a wall?

An unweakening opposition since 30 years

The opponents wield the voice of reason, refusing a geological dumping that won’t resolve anything. Listening to them would have allowed to save the costs of thousands cube meter of radioactive wastes,since whatever M. Abadie can say, their production and the nuclear diktat are one. Isn’t the “dangerous evolution” of the opposition mentioned by Andra the result of the recurring autism of the authorities? let’s by the way salute the merits of the whisleblowers who, after showing in plain sight a big chunk of the majors risks of Cigéo, doesn’t stop recalling the agency, since one year, its duties concerning the laws of urbanism and environment. it’s not to “co-construct Cigéo with habitants and officials”as dream our nuclear grave’s diggers. it has to be stopped at once !

July 16th : All cops are kittens

To combat the intensification of police patrol, driving every hour in front of our house, the now famous “lol comission” held an extraordinary meeting. After 8 hours of intensive thinking, they came up with one solution : a pompom. A pompom at the end of a pole, with a small panel “a round for free” for policemen who catch the pompom. We do hope It’s gonna be uselful.

July 12th : Police controls must go on !

It’s been 3 weeks now since random police controls on the roads and around the Lejuc wood began. Several people have already been taken to the closest police station for identity checks.

Today, some cars have been controlled by gendarmes’ dispatch riders searching on the roads around Bure, and espacially in Mandres-en-Barrois (4PM)

July 4th : Blue pressure on the House of the Resistance !

Since 7 PM, 1, and 2, and 3, and 4 cars of the PSIG (“Peloton de Surveillance et d’Interventation de la Gendarmerie” : Gendarmerie’s platoons in charge of surveillance and operation) are waiting 5 meters away from the House of the Reisistance, after driving in the village and walking in front of the inhabitants house, harrassing them for days. Our freedom is reduced.

What happened next :

7.15 PM : One van took approximately 15 cops to our door.

7.30 PM : They’re all gone.