Feedback from the 14th of July: no table is illegal

A little feedback from the Burian evening the 14th of july. featuring Dubois, a furniture, and hummus!

Party soft

The air was warm in this 14th of July evening, and the inhabitants of the house of resistance, joined with their neighbors from the surrounding villages, as well as the cyclist of the Ecotopia biketour were happily celebrating the last drawbacks of CIGEO and the pleasure of being together.

It’s the ailment caused by the 3856th cop patrol of the day passing by, a recall of the constant intimidation that is the stat of militarization of the territory, that steered the guests to install their table on the bright new roadway facing the house of resistance, to revel and allow the next patrols to try a new routay”. After opposing them a cordial but firm refusal, assuring that the table would be moved to let tractors and combine harvesters (word swiftly and steadily keeped all night long), the party continued in a good mood with a bowling-boules game, as the next patrol skirted the house, causing a few laughs.

The Dubois Cut

It is a few minutes after twilight that we were visited by the well-known police commander Bruno Dubois (whose Deeds are told here and there), escroted by a patrol, 3 police buses, and one PSIG unit (a special intervention police unit), to militarily ask for the clearing of the public road, where still the guilty table throned. it is only after one hour off infructuous parleys, made tense by the lights and the cameras of the blue team, that we decide to ignore them to dance and sing around the table.

One quarter hour and Dubois comes back again, telephoning to Bure’s Mayor, to confirm we have no municipal authorization to privatise 2 public way meters. We vigourously protest this upteenth provocation from who responsible for the tension growing from police presence since end of June, a number of people taking the chance to express him their resent. an advencing line of cops, filming and taking pictures, doesn’t get the situation any better. Dialog worsens, getting away from the table. the party is stopped, anger rises.

The mayor to drink

A rumor flows through the guests: the Mayor of Bure is coming by to Calm down the strife, but his car is blocked by badly parked vehicle, making everyone search for its driver. The cops seem pleased with the confusion, and take the occasion to begin their intimidation trick to dishearten the last wardens of the table. Virilism and pepperspray are out, and the PSIG agents whisper ten meters behind.

Eventually comes the Mayor, saluated by the crowd. begin the talks. nobody seems ready to give in the table, neither the habitants vexed by the nonsense of the deployment set up for a simple table that doesn’t even disturb the circulation, nor the commander Dubois, to proud to concede any rebelliousness to his authority. A common ground starts to show up: the inhabitants accept to move the table, certainly not on the order of commander Dubois, but on the friendly request form the mayor. He is so asking the police to leave first, so they can let him manage the situation alone.

Evidently unable to completely renounce, the commander accept afterall to get his troops 50 meters away. the mayor then goes to the table to participate himself to its moving, a well-noted symbolic act. i’ll stay one quarter hour with the guest to share a beer. the party continues under the eyes of the police, settled further away, camera on shoulder, losing another 2 hours of their 14th of july to remember to everyone they’re not ready to stop the pression on the countryside, pressure adding since the last weeks…

that’s fine, BZL doesn’t lack tables, neither its inhabitants determination, even if the ordreal did echo in the guts of the participant tomorrow morning, no matter what will say the detractors of this delicious hummus!