In Bure, new risks of eviction, big demo in August !

Against police pressure, we are calling for people to come in Bure starting now and for the big demo on August 15th!

The poster reads: “the Lejus forest is once against threatened by ANDRA and iIs guard dogs ? Let’s inhabit it and defend it. If they evict us, we’ll evict them!”

For a little while now the police pressure has intensified around Bure. On June 30th, 6 police vans harassed the north and south entrances to the forest. In the south it looked like 30 cops in lines with helmets and shields 100m from the barricade. In the north a line of 10 cops and 2 cops in a bush near the barricade on their knees pointing a flashball at people. They all left around 7pm. Same on July 1st, 4 vans in the south, a line of 15 cops, barricade set on fire. In the villages around random controls, ID checks at the police station,  pressure on locals, cops running after people through the fields and arresting them with their guns out (yep, guns)… A new intensity for the typical harrassment strategy since the week of action in June – looks like they’re trying to do even worse than they did last summer.

For a few weeks now 70 cops have been settling inside the laboratory. “We are here to stay and we’ll see each other again soon” did they proudly inform us.

Gerard longuet and his acolytes lick the prime minister’s boots, begging for a new Gendarmerie post in Montiers-sur-Saulx, for once raising th spectre of big bad hooded terrorists harrassing the « local population. Policemen themselves cried, craving for action. This tension strategy, ressembles, first and for most, a psychological operation : it aims to exhaust us and make us slip.

Yes, those harrasses put us in rage and sweating, choke us, make us think they can try to evict or destroy the forest settlements – albeit the Andra, again, took a juridical snap this 28th of june and has to start all its procedures all over again concerning the drillings and cuttings. Yes, we’re fragile, Alive, sentimental waves. But we won’t cage ourselves in this part they await from us, the « ultra-violent Radical », hunted from everywhere. They won’t paralyse us, since what binds us to Bure is to important – meeting gardens parties helping hands nous kludge cantinas massages boredom cloud interlacings river discusses cabins possible stories present etc etc – to let us disconsert ourselves by this new pressure level. In spite of their countless attempts to divide us, the hole struggle movement reminds that trying to caricature the opposition to cigeo. We won’t be stopped from laughing, living, dancing, organising. Because what the prefecture doesnt seem to realize is that this tension strategy can generate the opposite of the expected effect, which is a surfeit of solidarity.

The best way to react to this tension strategy is claiming our pleasure of being together. We invite, as always, to come take stroll in Bure now already, to nest in the forest. Also we call to a big demo the 15th of august, at 2 pm in Bure ! Let us assemble massively, to get on with this superb mockery made to their squalid police-irradiated desert. Bring your meal to share and something to harvest your atomic mushrooms !

The 14 of August 2016, we put down Andra’s wall of shame. The 18th of february 2017, we breached some of the fences at the heart of the agency’s lab – thus showing that the project it serves, and the system it’s underpined by weren’t untouchables. Those magnificent acts are not mayflies,

they spring from the daily elaboraton of a community of living and struggling in joy and emancipation, in which everyone can find its place, reinvent, auto-organize. What will happen in the 15th of august 2017 ? what’s certain is that there will be joy, a need for holding together and taking care of each other.

Against police pressure and eviction chances, let us stay on course, hold the agenda, enjoy the summer !

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Already :

  • You can follow the news and the info thread, on facebook (Bure à cuire) and twitter (@Ziradies)
  • The house of resistance and the liberated forest welcome you any time when you want to participate in daily life here, watch out for the cops, water the gardens and drink apple juice under the sun !

En cas d’expulsion

In case of eviction

  • Meeting at 6 pm at the house resistance the first day
  • Meeting up in bure in the following days
  • Re-occupation demo in the following week
  • Call to decentralized actions against developer and sub-contractor of the nuclear trash compagnies : Vinci, Eiffage, EDF, Andra, Areva, le CEA

The flyer, to spread widely !



And for an unforgettable month of August…

  • Beginning of august, preparation of the Burelesques and queer-feminist workshops in Bure !
  • From the 11th to the 13th of august, the Burelesques festival. All infos on Inscription to the newsletter sending an empty mail to
  • The 15th of august : big anti-Cigéo demo departing from Bure. Info to come ASAP.

They can put pressure on us, we’ll make them bite the dust !

if they re-occupy, we evict them !

Andra go home, etc etc !