Struggle meeting against CIGEO


This half-day struggle meeting takes place in Bure and gathers all the struggle’s components, the neighbors, Bure’s inhabitants, occasional visitors, supporters… It is open to anyone who wanna get informed and/or being invested in the struggle.

This meeting has been held several times last year : gathering those who struggles in Bure everyday and those who come to support at important times, It made them put in common informations, experiences, and feelings, regarding the struggle against CIGEO and all other nuclear industrial projects growing up in Meuse and Haute-Marne.

We’ll first talk about the last mobilizations, and then we’ll think about highlights we could build together in the following weeks and months : inter alia, the action week from 19 to 26 of June, mobilizations in case of an eviction of the Lejuc wood, the Burelesque festival from 11 to 13 of August, and other forms of convergence.

The meeting takes place in the salle des fêtes (village hall) of Couverpuis, from 2 PM. You can obviouly bring something to eat and/or drink !