What happened in May 2017

Sunday 29 of May

Teatime at 4 PM with the neighborhood. Some police controls at the road junction in Mandres in the afternoon, especially towards Mandres inhabitants (a neighbor of more than 80 years old had to go back to her place while she was at the way half, in order to bring her identity documents back…). A new demonstration of the base and foolish harassment of police headquarters.

Saturday 28 of May

On the evening, at the House of the Resistance: film screening of Pas Res Nos Aresta and discussions on the Amassada’s struggle against a transformer station in Aveyron, with some friends from there.

Friday 27 of May

We have been living in a period of high dynamism these past few days. We are preparing the meetings anti-prison (16-18 of June), and a lot of guests already have accepted our invitation. We’re also doing a lot regarding the endless birthday party week (19-26 of June), by making a trailer, construction work into the forest, and countless preparation meetings.

The everyday life continues in the kitchen garden, haying off and logging with the neighborhood. Some of us sometimes go to meet and party with those who live in the surrounding villages. The sun is back, as well as bathing time and the evenings around the fire, singing and laughing until dawn. Life is sweet when the helicopter and the police stop interfering.

Thuesday, 23 of May, police attacks on Lejuc barricades


11.20 AM : after a quick controntation between some friends watching on the north barricade and 15 mobile gendarmes, the squadron commander Bruno Dubois withdrew his troops but warns that police pressure won’t stop. We remind him that new appeals have just been made for Lejuc wood.

11.00 AM : the cops are between the north watchtower and the north barricade. A barricade is put on fire in the north to keep them away



10.30 AM : the cops might be near the north barricade : to be confirmed (no alert for now)



10.17 AM : the cops first moved back to the antenna, then to Mandres.

10.10 AM : the first barricade is on fire in front of the south watchtower to keep the gendarmes at a distance.




10 AM : a dozen of mobile gendarmes put helmets and shields to go to the first barricade. 3 cars block the road to the antenna.

09.55 AM : two mobile gendarmes trucks are in front of the barricade. The gendarmes go out of the car. They seem aggressive and walk to the barricade.

Thursday 18 May 2017, Mandres-en-Barrois city council


Mandres-en-Barrois city council holds a meeting at 8 PM. Only one topic on the agenda : regularizing Lejuc’s wood*  property by voting through a new consultation. On the 28th of February, the administrative court of Nancy invalidated the previous negotiation held on July 2nd 2015 at 6AM for being full of irregularities, and summoned Mandres municipality to sort out the situation for 4 months.

This municipal council is one more democratic masquerade in a project that has made social acceptability art. Therefore, we called for a massive gathering in front of the town hall square.

5.15 PM : we leave Bure disguised, walking in a mass march formation to the town hall of Mandres. Batucada, cheerful atmosphere.

5.43 : 50 mobile gendarmes block all access to the twon hall. Such a beautiful democratic masquerade : putting on the shoulders of 10 under pressure elected representatives of a 130 inhabitants village, the exchange of the wood that allows the beginning of the biggest European industrial project construction work ; and asking the police to protect the place where they have to discuss it , so that no one who’s against it will be able to say a word.

6.09 PM : we arrive at Mandres

6.15 PM : a lot of cops. All access to the town hall are blocked by riot barriers.

Around 8 PM : only a few people have been authorized to go in. The mobile gendarmes hit us to make the city councilors go in.

8.15 PM : the municipal council begins in a tense atmosphere. Some of us have been allowed to go in. The 11 councellors are present. The mayor recalls the facts, and what are ANDRA conditions regarding the exchange.

8.25 PM : during the meeting, one elected representative friend asks to talk before the vote: the mayor refuses… We make as much noise as we can to be heard into the council room.

8.30 PM : the secret ballot is held. Someone asks why is the mayor not asking if any counsellors are involved in any conflicts of interest.

8.36 PM : we sing and scream the famous “ANDRA DÉGAGE RÉSISTANCE ET SABOTAGE” (ANDRA GO AWAY: RESISTANCE AND SABOTAGE) with the batucada.

8.42 PM : vote results : 6 in favour of the exchange ; 5 against.it. The outcome of this vote will not break our determination. Next meetings : the “300 000 pas” to Saint-Dizier, and an action week from 19/06 to 26/06 (more informations coming soon)

Some inhabitants are going to appeal. Associations try to make more people join the fight and support those who occupy the wood.


*We’re occupying Lejuc wood since last summer