From the 16 to the 18 of June : anticarceral meetings


Anarchiste Bure Cross presents

16 – 18 of June 

In Bure

The first anticarceral meetings 

Film screening, discussions, food, workshop

Program and informations on

The new group Anarchist Bure Cross invites you to participate in discussions and film screening on the struggle against prison, from the 16 to the 18 of June at the House of the Resistance (Bure).

We want to meet those who want to fight for a total abolishment of the prison system and all forms of coercive systems in general. We don’t believe in the existence of alternatives to incarceration, considering that prison is a systematic tool for social control. Therefore, we want to analyze the carceral system in order to provide basis for organizing struggle networks against the prisons of today and tomorrow, and all systems that go with.

Around 30 news prisons are under construction in France : today, our political system tend to incarcerate more and more people who don’t fit to social norms. Prisons are full of strangers, poor people, and all those who fight against social injustice.

On the agenda :


  • On Friday we’ll freely discuss and share prison experiences and all detention experiences we lived or might live one day, especially after the Loi Travail social movement.

On the evening : film screening of a film about prison


  • On Saturday we will welcome Kyou and Nadia to talk about their books Beau comme une prison qui brûle (Beautiful as a burning jail) and A ceux qui se croient libres (For those who think they’re free) in which they talk about life in jail, incarcerated people they knew, the resistance inside, mutiny and past struggles against prison. An Gaël, with the book Frères de la côte (Brethren of the Coast) that describes the path of Somali pirates, incarcerated for a long time in France, cut off from their families. Some of the Somali friends incarcerated will be present.

Presentations, stands, discussions on struggles against prison in 1970-1980. Some friends from Libertalia and groups from this period might be here.

On the evening, live music  at the ancient train station of Luméville, 5km further from Bure.


  • On Sunday, we’ll open the discussion by putting on perspectives the struggle against prison we could ride in the future. We’ll also discuss with some Anarchist Black Cross french and international groups, and other groups against prisons implied in the struggle. Then we’ll have more concrete discussions on meetings, tools and organization forms, in and out of jails, and against the ones that are under construction.


  • During the undless birthday party week, on tuesday at noon, one canteen will be dedicated to the incarcerated people’s friends, taking place in front of a jail.
  • We invite you to bring documentation, films, infokiosques, friends and/or prisoners testimonies, to share on a table specially used for this.
  • And if you wanna suggest a discussion’s topic, a workshop, a political action, thanks for writing us at

Practical informations :


  • To go to Bure, the Bure Car’bure carpool website
  • We can host you at the House of the Resistance or some of our other places around (thanks for telling if you are a group). Let us know if you have some specific needs (access requirement, hosting) at or by call 03 29 45 41 77.


– Simultaneous translation will be provided during the discussions

– Self-managed canteens : thanks for bringing some vegetables if you can !

– Free pricing for everything ! (except at the bar on Saturday night)
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