Let’s not go straight into a wall!

Early bird catches the wood.

As early as 6am for example, if one wants to take part in an illegal municipal vote. It was at that time that, on July 2nd 2015, elected members of the Mandres council entered the city hall guarded by ANDRA’s private security. Under their watchful eyes was voted with a secret ballot the sacrifice of the Mandres-en-Barrois communal forest.

It was thus at 6am in the opaque fog that somehow reminded one of ANDRA’s methods, that we had yesterday morning the pleasure to discover, in front of Mandres city hall, bits of wall and a sign reading “N’allons pas dans le mur” (“Let’s not go straight into a wall”).

If these bits of wall symbolically block the entrance to the building where on Thursday the 18th is to be held this voting masquerade once more, they mostly remind one of the amazing alchemist gifts demonstrated by ANDRA within the last two years. Indeed who doesn’t know yet that wherever ANDRA goes, it transforms trees into reinforced concrete and villages into nuclear deserts?