In Bure, if ANDRA reoccupies the forest, lets evict them!

Call to all meet in Meuse starting now to defend the forest

In our strange Meuse country, it sometimes feels like time has become cyclical. For once global warming isn’t to blame, but rather seasonal authoritarian fever spikes around the Lejuc Forest, reoccupied since September 2016. On April 26th, after many judiciary procedures which gained us some time since December, the Bar-le-Duc court finally declared that the forest inhabitants were susceptible to eviction without delay. Now, on May 18th, Mandres-en-Barrois municipal council will meet to make a new decision to legalize the exchange of the Lejuc Forest. The Empire (and ANDRA) strike back.

We’ve had two months of respite, during which new people have settled, tree houses have been built, houses bought, 1500m² of potatoes and onions planted on squatted land, naturalist walks and witches week ends organized, etc, etc.

Now, it’s all starting again. After the “emergency summer” and the first eviction, “the indian summer” and the reoccupation, the “determined winter” with threats against the forest and marches against the lab, we now enter our “resisting spring”! The helicopters have started once more to tour daily, or even nightly. The cops, nasty vultures, are going around villages, making some villagers furious. Leaves and flowers are blooming everywhere, including on some barricades: Meuse is beautiful and is welcoming you, starting now.

So the forest can be evicted, but it hasn’t been yet. A few reminders about the “paper” barricades – which always fall in the end but help us gain time to strengthen our (op)position: the decision which had enabled ANDRA to own the forest was invalidated by a court order on February 28th. So this forest legally never stopped being the property of Mandres-en-Barrois inhabitants. It’s not over yet about the decision to be made on May 18th. From March to July many bird species are nesting in the forest, which blocks the authorization to cut trees. Moreover a good dozen of protected species – a forest cat, bats, birds…- have been identified in the forest in the last few months. And about the real, actual barricades, the houses and look out posts… it is only up to us to solidify them, starting now!

Very little was said about “environment” or nuclear power during this French presidential non-campaign which resembled a poorly written, plot twisted reality tv show; 2007 is far away, with its Hulot “ecological pact” and the Grenelle of Environment show. The 2012 promise to shut Fessenheim down remained, until the very end, but a promise. In 2017 people talked about “scandals”, immigration-terrorism-racism and safety-police. The nuclear waste will be buried like the slums or the proletarians in popular neighborhoods and struggles: with a police-militia becoming more fascistic every day and more “autonomous” in its action. Bure is the prolongation in a hyper rural area of the repressive experiments of an ever increasingly authoritarian power.

And the election of a clean shaved white teethed “anti systemic” and “pro change” banker (rather than a fascistic carnivorous woman) isn’t going to change anything -except perhaps the rhythm – to the deadly march of capitalistic, racist and authoritarian hell. Whether one is fighting against a nuclear waste dump, an airport, police, borders, a social plan, systemic oppression, it is always the same hell one is trying to break through and to pause even if just for a moment. Struggling against everything that dominates us, comes down to building an infinity of other spaces by ourselves, other independent life and struggle communities, other songs, other dreams, other relations where one doesn’t have to sell oneself, without the approval of any given authority.

In the twisted language of those who pretend to rule over us, such tentative spaces, such growing struggles, are nothing but “tumors”. Lets take them at their word: this world is cancerous, lets give it a tumor indeed to joyfully pierce so that its pus can bleed all over the wretched face of a rotting order. Lets be nice, and welcome this new baby faced despot of wild capitalism and all his clique of eager would be entrepreneurs with a gift of our own: a fancy coronation with a struggle we fully commit to and publicly and politically assume in the heart of our 220 hectares forest.

Starting now – and as usual- every presence in Bure is crucial. Let us refrain from feeling triumphant or from any war mongering fantasies: we know that what we build is fragile, yet we are ready to bet all our love in it. We also know that even though we are far more now living here than a year ago, we are still not strong enough to push back on every front we wish to. There will be in the months to come in Bure a need indeed for shields, trenches, barricades but also and perhaps mainly a need for songs, massages, cultivating squatted fields, living together, wondering about ourselves and our relationships… there will be mostly though a need for joy, caring and caring for each other if we are to continue building a desirable life here to make their planned desert a lie.

We are waiting for you!




  • Starting now lets converge towards Bure to reinforce the forest occupation: there is space, there is people to welcome you, bring equipment to be self reliant as much as possible: tents, sleeping bags, boots, food, lamps, climbing gear, construction gear and tools…

  • On May 18th PROTEST at 6pm in front of Mandres-en-Barrois city hall to put pressure on the council and prevent them for legalizing ANDRA’s property of the forest: bring food and drinks, metal pans, music instruments, banners, etc! More info to come on

  • May 20th : big 300 000 steps demo against the nuclearization of the territory in Bure. More info on

  • June 17th & 18th  : Bure anti-carceral meeting, more info soon on

  • June 19th to 26th  : ACTION AND NESTING week: come “nest” in the forest with the cool forest owls to reinforce the occupation, and organize actions against ANDRA (and its (shit) world)! More info soon on


  • On the same day

    • Meeting at 6pm  at the Resistance House in Bure to support the evicted and decide what to do next

    • Meeting at 6pm in front of prefectures for those who are too far to come to Bure

  • Big demo  in the following weeks, updates on

  • Call for decentralized actions against promoters and subcontractors of the nuclear dump: Vinci, Eiffage, Edf, Andra, Areva, CEA…