18th may : Gathering in front of the city hall of Mandres !

One last pic nic before the nuclear desert ? 

Let’s prevent a new vote authorizing the exchange of Lejuc woods ! Gathering from 6 pm in front of the town hall of Mandres-en-Barrois!


On the 18th of May, the Mandres-en-Barrois city council will hold a meeting at 8 pm. Only one topic on the agenda : regularizing Lejuc’s wood property by voting through a new consultation. On the 28th of February, the administrative court of Nancy invalidated the previous negotiation held on july 2nd 2015 at 6AM for being full of irregularities, and summoned Mandres municipality to sort out the situation for 4 months. After 2 and a half months, here we are, Andra counterattacks : let’s gather massively to dissuade any vote in favour of the Lejuc’s wood exchange. Let’s bring drinks, food, music instruments , signs and banners , and overall, let’s be as many as we can ! This is a determinant turning point for the fight against the CIGEO project : we will not let Andra wear the mask of legality so easily !

This municipal council is one more democratic masquerade in a project that has made social acceptability art. Democratic masquerade for putting on the shoulders of 10 under pressure elected representatives of a 130 inhabitants village, the exchange of wood that allow the beginning of the biggest European industrial project construction work. Democratic masquerade by limiting the decision to the municipal council while in 2013, when it had to vote for the first project of wood exchanging, the same council decided that it could not take alone a decision which “would commit the future of the commune for thousands years”; while in 2013, during a consultation, the inhabitants of the village voted NO to the project, with a majority of 2 out of 3. Democratic masquerade while at least 5 out of the 11 elected representatives are implied in conflicts of interest : by obtaining hunting leases by Andra, by having some relatives working at ANDRA, by getting dozens of hectares of agricultural land in precarious leases by Andra, SAFER, etc. How could these “chosen ones” repel the hand that feeds them? How could we seriously believe that this council will be “neutral”, free from Andra influence? In the village and around, nobody is fooled.

All of this is hypocrisy, and the deliberation that is gonna to be made is by advance illegitimate. Actually, the fate of this wood -common property- concerns all those who, in Mandres, in Meuse but also everywhere else, love it, use it, live there, do not want to see it transformed into a nuclear desert. Let’s support massively the few courageous counselors who will vote NO to this exchange, and those who will abstain through our presence. The deliberation MUST refuse the exchange, or NOT STAND. And in any case, the forest will remain free of Andra until the project is abandoned !
Let’s be as many as possible! Tell your friends, your sister, your brother, your colleagues, all those who have not returned to Bure for a long time ! It is a tricky time in the fight against CIGEO ! We have boycotted the public debate in 2013, we have blocked construction work in the woods for almost a year, we brought down Andra’s gates last February ; on Thursday, May 18, we can, with the resistant inhabitants of Mandres, release the commune from ANDRA’s evil influence and stop the CIGEO project once again !

Let’s prevent a new vote allowing the exchange of Lejuc’s wood ! Gathering starts from 6 pm in front of the Mandres en Barrois city hall !

Practical information

  • Gathering from 6pm at the town hall square (place de la mairie). We expect to be a bunch at 8pm when the meeting begins! There might be cops so remember to check if your cars are in order in case you’re controlled.
  • Bring something to make a real feast, music instruments, streamers, disguises, pans, anything that can create a swinging concert to echo in a thousand of miles the voice of our resistance, while they want to decide secretly, in a small town hall room, the future of our territory for 100000 years.
  • Bring the information up ! en.vmc.camp / sauvonslaforet(at)riseup
  • Media contact +33 (0)7 53 54 07 / There’ll be a time for media at 7pm near the town hall with the different groups fighting against the CIGEO project