Talking + movie projection of “Pas res nos arresta” about the struggle of the AMASSADA

Saturday, May 27th – Meeting/movie/talking about the struggle in Aveyron against the mega-transformer and the industrial wind turbines.

7:00pm : Talking about the AMASSADA with the friends from there

8:30pm : Meal/”Spanish Inn”

9:30pm : Movie projection of “Pas res nos arresta” (with blankets, tea…)

and debates…

Place will be decided depending on the weather.

Hauts Cantons d'Oc : Projection du film : « PAS RES NOS ARRESTA »

Translation of the text :


Movie projection/debate around the movie about the struggle against the transformer and its 1000 wind turbines.

During the days of the energy transition for the so-called green growth, the RTE (the electricity transmission system operator in France) tries to appropriate the lands of two young farmers in Saint-Victor in South Aveyron, in order to build a 7-ha (1ha = 10 000m²) transformer. The thousand wind turbines being constructed on the nearby ridges will provide the power that will be redistributed on the energy trade international network.

In spite of the opposition of Saint-Victor’s municipality and of most of its population, the invading engines of the RTE and the promoters are coming, with the support of the government services.

On the first day of winter 2014, a hut is built up on the coveted lands. The encounters, the bonds and the resistances spread and intensify.