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Talking + movie projection of “Pas res nos arresta” about the struggle of the AMASSADA

Saturday, May 27th – Meeting/movie/talking about the struggle in Aveyron against the mega-transformer and the industrial wind turbines.

7:00pm : Talking about the AMASSADA with the friends from there

8:30pm : Meal/”Spanish Inn”

9:30pm : Movie projection of “Pas res nos arresta” (with blankets, tea…)

and debates…

Place will be decided depending on the weather.

Hauts Cantons d'Oc : Projection du film : « PAS RES NOS ARRESTA »

Translation of the text :


Movie projection/debate around the movie about the struggle against the transformer and its 1000 wind turbines.

During the days of the energy transition for the so-called green growth, the RTE (the electricity transmission system operator in France) tries to appropriate the lands of two young farmers in Saint-Victor in South Aveyron, in order to build a 7-ha (1ha = 10 000m²) transformer. The thousand wind turbines being constructed on the nearby ridges will provide the power that will be redistributed on the energy trade international network.

In spite of the opposition of Saint-Victor’s municipality and of most of its population, the invading engines of the RTE and the promoters are coming, with the support of the government services.

On the first day of winter 2014, a hut is built up on the coveted lands. The encounters, the bonds and the resistances spread and intensify.

The forest can be evicted anytime !

This morning we had the result of Sven’s trial : the forest can be evicted anytime (they apparently don’t even need a paper). You’re more than ever welcome in the forest !

We’ll get back to you soon to give more info !


Wednesday April 26 – Here we go again. Few months after the violent eviction of Bois Lejuc’s occupation in July 2016, this Wednesday 26 of April, the “tribunal de grandes instances” of Bar-le-Duc decided that the wood can again be evicted without any delay. The police are alloyed to take back the forest helped with their grenades. But this time won’t be like last one. Since a year we got stronger: we were hundreds to reoccupy the forest, to demonstrate, to struggle, to build, to live and to learn every of its corners.

Dozens of occupants started to live in villages next to Bure. We won legal case after the others, and make them loose many months of work. Many times we blocked the attempts of ANDRA to enter the forest and start their works.

We now invite you to join us, in big numbers, in the coming days and weeks. We are determined to oppose our fierce resistance in case of eviction of Bois Lejuc!


Bure’s anti-nuclear struggle: Info tour in Germany


After 20 years of struggle against the burying of nuclear waste in Bure (France), the determination of activists is still growing.

In the year 2016, many strategies (legal actions, sabotage of the construction site, demonstrations…) were used to stop the destruction of the Bois Lejuc forest by ANDRA (national agency for disposal of nuclear waste). The wall illegally built by ANDRA in the summer of 2016 around the forest couldn’t resist our rage: we tore it down and our occupation has gone on for nearly 6 months.

2017 brings great challenges: stopping the massacre of the forest by ANDRA, contesting the sale of the Lejuc forest together with the inhabitants of the village, extending the occupation further in the woods, defending the twenty protected species recently discovered on the site, such as bats, reptiles and cats cohabiting with a population of boars, dears and owls, also endangered.

In 2018 ANDRA wants to get the final authorization to start to bury 99% of France’s most radioactive nuclear waste 500 meters deep in the region of Bure. This disastrous project is not only done with disregard to the environment, but was pushed forward thanks to financial compensations, green-washing propaganda, repression and intimidation of the local farmers.

ANDRA thought they could use their mafia style methods without any resistance from the population; they were deeply wrong. Today, the support for our struggle has no borders. From Notre-Dames-des-Landes to Pyhäjoki, Hambach and Gorleben, solidarity is getting stronger on a daily basis…

We invite you to join the struggle in Bure! During April, some activists from Bure will do an info tour across Germany so we can meet and share more details about our struggle.

Tour dates and locations:

16. April: Hambacher Forst, (Skillsharing Camp)
18. April: Bielefeld, Autonomes Jugendzentrum
20. April: Bremen, Altes Sportamt
24. April: Wendland, Gasthof Meuchefitz
26. April: Leipzig, Meuterei
28. April: Berlin, Wagenplatz Lohmühle

For more information, you can follow this page and @BUREsistance (Twitter) for English news, and visit for updates in French.

See you soon, here or elsewhere!