Let’s enjoy a musical spring !

The sun is back and Bure is full of gardening and building projects. It’s a nice time to live in Meuse, so let’s celebrate this energy with music, on the 14th & 29th april, at the former station of Luméville. For those who remember with nostalgy the great musical moments on 18&19th february, under the circus tent and in the multi room, it’s time to relive the adventure !

The money collected will be to cover the costs, invest in a sound system (so that we cam multiply these kind of events !), and finance the struggle & anti-repression (lawyers).

14th april : rap concert

The anarkorap collective La vermine will come from Toulouse, El prolo and K-Listo (Soledad) from Metz.

And of course, an open-mic to finish the night ! Come and let’s set fire (to the Andra and it’s (rotten) world !!) !

The station is getting ready to host from 6:30PM, and the concerts will begin around 9PM, after a great meal ! At the bar, beer, juices & sirups, and thai vegan rice at the kitchen !

The field can host vehicles and tents without problems for those who want to stay the night. Let’s try to keep it safe & clean for the next times !

29/04 – 02/05 : rural antirep festival !

The event will take place for 4 days and will melt agricultural and anti-rep and anti-prison themes. And all this in music ! The program can change but here are the main lines !

Saturday 29th : Party !

Program of the concerts :

  • Me Donner (electro-indus-espé-nuke ; Amiens)
  • Lovataraxx (cold-wave ; Grenoble)
  • Silence Means Death (crust-punk ; Belgique)
  • Darmstadt (crust-punk ; Belgique)
  • Gura (Belgique)

There will also be a table for the Anarchist Bure Cross & the anti-rep. And of course enough to drink (beer, sirups, maybe even cocktails (!)) and eat (home-made pizzas).

As for the 14th, you can park and camp on the field, let’s just try to keep it clean !

Sunday 30 : Discussions

From 3PM, several discussions on peasant struggles, pressures…

Monday 1st : Potatoes works (to confirm, according to the weather)

Since last year, 2ha are being squatted on lands put on reserve by the SAFER for the ANDRA. We are already cultivating onions and wheat, let’s use the festival to joyfully plant all together the potatoes. If you were at Reclaim the fields in november, take a look at the trees you planted 😉

Tuesday 2nd : Jean-Pierre’s trial

A peasant friend, Jean-Pierre, is accused of complicity for the first occupation of the forest last june-july 2016. His “bétaillère” (vehicle used generally to transport livestock) was seized during the eviction, and is still not returned. Let’s be numerous to answer the call for support of the Confédération Paysanne (peasant union).