Naturalist and forest gathering on 1st-2nd april in Bure against the nuclear dump

In Bure we are winning an important range of victories on the field, with a huge mobilisation into the forest and on the 18th february demo, and into the court.

More than ever, the Andra is delayed in its “preliminary works” in the Bois Lejuc. It has to carry on these works, collect environmental data, conduct a range of drills and geotechnical data… to fill out the form to request an authorization of creation, supposedly in 2018. But its calendar is seriously compromised because of our mobilisation, but also of all the agency’s judicial breaches on the forest clearing authorisation, the validity of the exchange of the forest…

This is giving us a little time to keep building a determinate and multifaceted opposition ! In particular, we want to relaunch the dynamic “Naturalists fighting against CIGEO”, started in 2016, with open walks in the bois Lejuc and the Ormançon valley, and also first meetings to lay the foundations for inventories of endangered species.

This dynamic, gathering hundreds of curious, lovers or “professionals” of the environment protection, was crucial in Notre-Dame-des-Landes to slow down the project but also to share widely knowledge on ecosystems and popularize the local bocage (you can find lots of texts in french here), plus all the works by François de Beaulieu on the history of the bocage of Notre-Dame-des-Landes and the use of common lands.

Without copying, a dynamic like this would be relevant in Bure and in the France great east. Beyond the CIGEO project, the whole region is threatened by the nuclear cancer, along with thousands of hectares of natural area, huge watersheds…

Beyond the species inventories, the more the world of environment protection associations, forestry… will take a stand on the refusal of the nuclear dump project and/or the territory nuclearisation, the more difficult it will get for the Andra to recruit service providers to realise its impacts studies and other data collections.

We are in a crucial moment in the struggle, when new forces that join the dynamic can tip over the project to its end.

/Some naturalists fighting against the nuclear dump project and owls of Bure./



Morning : Walks, prospections, free surveying.

Noon : Picnic at the House of resistance

2PM : Discussions (presentation of the people and the approach, juridical recap, prospections (when? how?), associations…)

Evening : Nocturnal listenings (to be confirmed)


Morning : Walks, prospections, free surveying.

Noon : Picnic at the Mandres-en-Barrois wash house.

2PM : Family walk from Mandres to the Ormançon valley and the bois Lejuc.

8PM : Feedbacks on the week-end and what’s next

Practical information :

Meals : For lunches, picnics, you bring what you eat. For the dinners, we’ll have to adapt the rhythm of the house of resistance : either the people living there had time to prepare the meal, either we’ll have to cook together to get to know each other better !

Accomodation is possible (take your sleeping bag !), at the house of resistance, in the forest or at people’s houses (if you ask).